Check out these VERY plausible predictions about the Great Reset!

Estes Park, Colorado
July 20, 2022


by Rich Scheck

All major signs are that the Biden Administration under the direction of the World Economic Forum will do everything in its power to centralize authority, shut down the national government and impose its plans for a New World Order/Global Reset/Transhumanist Agenda in the coming days.

The war in Ukraine, the Covid pandemic, the climate change crisis and the possible ET threat scenario along with efforts to constrain independent thought as constituting “disinformation” are all part of this nefarious scheme to dramatically control humanity’s future.

As things now stand, the Davos Demons have the momentum in their favor despite massive resistance from around the world to their plans for full spectrum dominance.

Here are well informed predictions for the rest of this decade by geopolitical analyst Peter Zeihan:

Worse for: China, Germany, North Korea Better for: India, Mexico, Argentina.

For the USA: Hard next 5 years and then a strong rebound while the US Dollar remains strong.

Scheck’s prediction for 2022: martial law in the US before the midterm elections!

The days ahead are filled with great peril and opportunity. We all must do our part if decency is to prevail!

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