Monkey Business: Please, Don’t Get Fooled Again!

Estes Park, Colorado
July 23, 2022

by Rich Scheck

Today’s announcement by the WHO that the Monkey Virus represents a “global health emergency” should be a wake-up call to everyone that the Davos/WEF agenda for total world domination is accelerating.

Please, remember that the Who back in 1971 wrote a song saying, “Don’t Get Fooled Again!” Ironically, the WHO is inviting billions of people to do just that and accept their latest effort to impose draconian, liberty destroying restrictions on us all!

After the lock downs, masks and murderous vaccines from the Covid era, I see NO reason to believe anything these deeply conflicted and untrustworthy “bosses” at the WHO say about the Monkey Virus.

The death and destruction wrought by Big Pharma with their unsafe products that produced vast wealth for them and little protection for us constitutes a modern day medical tyranny that the WHO is attempting to repeat with this latest declaration.

Sadly, Klaus Schwab has succeeded in penetrating the governments of many countries with leaders like Trudeau in Canada and Newsom in California as well as the top officials in the Biden Administration. Now, in a desperate effort to overcome the massive populist resistance to their unrelenting efforts for full spectrum domination, they have upped the ante once again.

Please, please: don’t get fooled again! Please, please: find a way to resist and confront whatever life-denying measures are set out to deny us our personal sovereignty in the name of sustainability, public health and all other dubious official claims being made by these tainted tyrants pursuing their Transhumanist Dystopia.

The harm already done by Schwab, Gates, Fauci, the WHO and their loyal puppets is immense. What they appear to have planned for us next will be far worse in what can best be described as a depopulation agenda to cull billions of “useless eaters!”

It is impossible to be more serious in this warning: your life and well-being are now the target. This Monkey Virus global health emergency is more monkey business from the Davos Demons!

For those doubting that the “new bosses” and the “old bosses” are professional liars, some of them are now admitting that they played fast and loose with the truth:

You have now been warned: please, don’t get fooled again!

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