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A scientific scandal with huge implications for women’s health is brewing and you weren’t going to hear about it – until now.


TLDR: A paper was published in October showing how the mRNA vaccines could massively impact ovarian and breast cancer risk. Two scientists linked to the NIH and Pharma conspired to remove it from publication - putting a generation of women at risk. 


Some information came to me from a colleague in the last few days that has cemented everything I have come to learn about where science and medicine is going and unless this changes quickly it will end badly for everyone. It involves the discovery late last year that a generation of women exposed to the SARS-CoV2 spike protein could be at significant risk of ovarian & breast cancer – and two bearded PhDs in influential positions went out of their way to make sure that information was buried. Because, who cares about women when you are trying to save the world, right?

The two beardos in question are Eric O Freed of the NIH (National Institutes of Health) – ironically a cancer researcher, and Oliver Shildgen “Head of molecular pathology at the Private University Witten”.

I made a picture of them. Shildgen is the one that looks like Jack-Black-meets-Mr-Potato-Head and Freed the one that looks like the love child of Chuck Norris and Steve Jobs. (Sorry, but it’s true).


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