Why is Your US Congress Funding Assassins?

Submitted by Harold Saive

Today, Sept 7, the Schiller Institute and Executive Intelligence Review will be sponsoring a press availability at 11 am EDT to expose the role of the US Congress in funding the Ukrainian Center for Countering Disinformation. 
This is the agency that issued a hitlist on July 14 naming 72 international figures, journalists, political activists, current and former elected officials as “Russian propagandists”.  This agency is directed by the US State Dept, and NATO intelligence as well as British and US Intelligence agencies, and is funded by the US Congress.  The corresponding group, “Myrotvorets” which mans a “liquidation” list of “Ukrainian enemies” has already seen to the assassination of several individuals, including the Russian journalist, Darya Dugina who was blown up with a car bomb outside Moscow just 2 weeks ago.  This last Friday there was an attempt on the life of the Vice President of Argentina, Christina Fernandez de Kirchner.  The gunman wore the tattoo of the “Azov Battalion”, as did the mass shooter in Buffalo, New York just a few months ago and the Christ Church, New Zealand mass shooter who allegedly killed 20 people at a mosque in 2019.
So, the question is, why is your Congress funding a Nazi-International assassination bureau?  Is this what it takes to enforce Global NATO, Green New Deal, and the pain that is to be inflicted by the central bankers as outlined by Jerome Powell at the recent Jackson Hole bankers summit?
What I need you to do TODAY, is call your Congressmen and Senators to notify them of Today’s event.  Make sure they have the link to watch.  Make sure they understand that you expect them to watch.  And make sure that they understand that the Ukraine Center for Countering Disinformation be defunded and shut down, NOW!.  And make sure that they know we will be flashing the Congressional switchboard number on the screen during the event to get the calls pouring in.  Here’s the link:

And if you missed my email of last week with the full expose of this black operation, here’s the link again to read it:
Your Congressmen have received this report.

Get busy! Have fun!  And please send me an email with the report on the responses you got. Please listen tomorrow.  If you are a journalist,  you can email in to register and participate in the question and answer session. 

Thank you, Karen Nafziger 410-299-6387
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