You wanna know what WOKE really is—READ THIS!

The Wokeist Outlook

By W Gelles

Censorship is all for the good.
It makes you think
the way you should.

Girls have cocks.
Boys have cunts.
If you don’t believe this
you are a dunce.

Men give birth.
Women just watch.
Men stick a cylinder
up their crotch.

Riots are peaceful
under Black Lives Matter.
Cities burn down.
It doesn’t matter.

Math is racist.
So are you
if you believe 1 + 1 equals 2.

Trannies are normal—
Questioning the Stolen Election
makes you iniquitous.

The “vaccines” are safe.
The “vaccines” are great…
They’ll give you blood clots.
They’ll wreck your immune system.
Just you wait.

Trump loves the “vaccine”.
It makes him proud
though it’s killed millions

Trump is a murderer,
can’t admit his mistake.
Is he a moron
or a Deep State fake?

Biden sniffs girls’ hair.
He’s a bad joke.
America’s going down the toilet,
people broke….but woke.

End the insanity.
End the madness.
Say NO to wokeism.
Say NO to the scamdemic.
Say NO to globalist puppet politicians.
Say NO to Gates, Fauci, and Schwab.
Sadness will yield to gladness.

Permission hereby granted to reproduce this work in any format or medium, with attribution and link to source.
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