Ever wonder why the FBI was all in on the JFK assassination from before the very beginning?!

But first bear in mind that the FBI was nothing but a creation of the Khazarian Mafia. Every international crime syndicate needs law enforcement protection, especially through the systematic official cover-ups.  Only in this worldwide institutional case, the Khazarian Mafia did not even have to pay for the protection racket.  For once the cover-ups began, the FBI could be exposed by the Khazarian Mafia at any time given the absolute control the KM also exerts over the CIA’s Mockingbird Media.  Talk about the perfect protection racket … just as the FBI has been covering up for the Biden Crime Family for decades.

State of the Nation
September 11, 2022

Submitted by JP


There are hundreds of JFK themed books out there, but this is one of the more important. What few people realize is the hit on JFK was premeditated from the times of the LA convention when JEH supplied the information to black-mail LBJ onto the JFK ticket. The real reasons was there were lots of Masons trying to take over the US Govt, from within, and JE Hoover was one such player. The Protestant oriented Scottish Rite Masons were historically against Catholics, and English Imperialistic backing Masons considered Catholic JFK an extreme risk to their greater NWO plans. So, these Masonic efforts had a back up plan of installing the extremely corrupt LBJ into JFK’s place, if push came to shove on a Catholic removing the seeds of Masonic domination over the US.

Texas Oil money of Mason Clint Murchison backed Eisenhower, supported the Senator McCarthy Red Scare tactics to have Americans fear there were Communists behind every tree in America. Texas was heavily into the domination of the Mil / Ind network and Texas was the most militant in calling JFK a Communist. In fact, Dallas HL Hunt, allied with Murchison, was backing Mason George Wallace and Curtis LeMay to run against JFK. The City of Hate was highly controlled by Masons and JE Hoover was taking bribes from Clint Murchison and have fun times at the Del Mar Hotel and associated race tracks, so much so that Murchison owned JE Hoover.

The Masonic haters of JFK just allowed the efforts of Carlos Marcello to go full term to kill JFK, and the deal was that these Masonic Crooks in high places would cover up for the Mafia secret society using the Masonic Secret Society placed in high places of US Govt. Earl Warren as a Mason being fed corrupt forensic data by Masonic controlled FBI and JE Hoover. Persons like Masons Gerald Ford and Arlen Specter further corrupted the forensics to frame Lee Oswald, who was standing at the entrance to the TSBD when all the shots rang out in the highly Masonic area of Dealey Plaza.

Yes, this Book termed “Act of Treason” is highly accurate in the portrayal of JE Hoover as a Traitor, acting to assist and cover up the killing of JFK with a premeditation that began in the LA convention.

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