NATO vs. SCO: Putin, Dedollarization and the War in Ukraine!

Hurricane, Utah
September 18, 2022

by Rich Scheck

For those who think Russian President Putin is losing the war in Ukraine, please listen to this 18 minute video and reconsider your conclusion:

Whether you believe the Russian incursion into Ukraine on February 24th was “unprovoked” or a carefully crafted exercise intended to block NATO expansion, the upshot is that Russia has directly benefited from its actions, especially to the extent it has taken the lead in reshaping the global economy by working to end the dollar as the world’s reserve currency.

The Grand Chessboard has new alliances with NATO/Davos going up against the SCO and the BRICS with its Belt and Road initiative now in fierce competition against each other.

It’s heavy duty geo-politics designed to reshape the global financial architecture, create new trading partners, transcend the impotency of the United Nations and curb Western hegemonic pretensions without triggering WWIII.

The battles….kinetic, economic and diplomatic….are accelerating with new skirmishes in Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan with war preparation now including the Arctic and Space:

It’s all quite ominous and daunting, most of it going on behind the scenes with few privy to all the machinations because of government censorship and outright lies. This sets the foundation for the classic Thucydides Trap referred to in the video where the hubris of a super-power being challenged by another entity is likely to lead to war rather than diplomacy:

In addition to strengthening ties with China, Russia appears to be cementing economic deals with Western “allies” Pakistan and India as well as NATO member, Turkey, and Iran.

IMO, Putin is biding his time and waiting for the cold weather to kick in. Then the likely social unrest in Europe from the combined failure of the Davos Green Agenda bullying of farmers in the Netherlands, sanctions against Russia and their woke Transhumanist mania will begin to erode NATO unity.

The war in Ukraine was completely avoidable. Had leaders with less greed and more vision worked for peace instead of world domination, something along the lines of this agenda might have save humanity from another world conflagration:

The West has been weakened by decades of decadence and imperial over-reach that has led to endless interventionist wars and a depleted treasury. It’s current leaders are men of questionable character like Joe Biden, Donald Trump and the newly enthroned King Charles. History appears to be repeating itself as we Watch Rome Burn again in the 21st Century.

How this all plays out in the coming days is anyone’s guess but to say it’s likely to be beyond ugly may end up being an understatement if push comes to shove and the chatter about nuclear war proves accurate.

At a minimum, once dedollarization kicks in, the average person wanting to avoid the madness and just watch the NFL or their favorite sit-com will see the full impact of modernity on their lives. Like I said, it won’t be pretty but maybe then we will be able to have an honest conversation about what is really happening in our world.

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