Press Release: Open Letter to Canadian universities to END coercive Covid policies

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Updated Sept 22.22

The following ‘Press Release’ was emailed to Canadian journalists and media outlets, to raise awareness of serious harm and possible death from EXPERIMENTAL mRNA gene therapy injections endorsed and or mandated at post-secondary institutions.

With the Press Release is an Open Letter and 2 attachments that were sent registered mail to Presidents of 7 Canadian universities and 1 college in response to their Covid-19 policies.

Other key influencers at each institution, the Attorney General and Minister of Justice for Canada, also received by registered mail the Open Letter package.

Press Release

Date:  Sept 21, 2022
For more information:
Contact:  Alan Brough

Canadian Leaders Issue Letters
to End Coercive and Unscientific Policies

On Sept 12, 2022, numerous post-secondary institutions in Ontario were issued an Open Letter (Appendix A) and Evidence Package (Appendix B) via registered mail.

The undersigned Canadian Leaders represent medical, health, rights and freedoms, and parent organizations in Canada. The letters were sent in response to these institution’s 2022-2023 Covid-19 policies.

The leaders are calling for the immediate removal of all Covid-19 policies that infringe upon the legal and ethical right of students, faculty, and support staff to medical choice and individual sovereignty.

Included in the documents is Pfizer’s Post Authorization Adverse Events Report (Appendix C). The report includes nine pages of adverse events experienced in the three months following the release of the vaccines. Mandating the injection of an experimental genetic technology, whose long-term impact is unknown, puts students and their parents in an untenable situation. Students are being asked to choose between the unnecessary risk of adverse reactions including bodily injury, disability, and even death and forfeiting a post-secondary education and chosen career.

It is the view of these leaders that the coercive policies are contrary to law, contrary to the scientific and clinical evidence, and not consistent with how institutions globally are responding to COVID-19. To persist with such coercion is legally and ethically flawed.

It is our expectation that Canadian universities and colleges serve as beacons of critical thinking, ethics, scientific and moral integrity, and where the fundamentals of life, liberty and individual rights are supported and upheld.

Recipients: University of GuelphUniversity of TorontoUniversity of WaterlooWestern UniversityQueens’ UniversityOntario Tech UniversitySeneca CollegeYork University.

Attachment Contains

Appendix A: Open Letter to Western University
Appendix B: Evidence Package
Appendix C: Pfizer’s Post Authorization Adverse Events Report
Appendix D: Open Letters to seven (7) other Universities and Colleges

Canadian Media Release Canadian Leaders Supporting Students Sept 21 2022
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SAM [Students Against Mandates]

Students Against Mandates are raising awareness across Canadian campuses of serious risks associated with EXPERIMENTAL mRNA gene therapy injections including possible death.

Students also have a writing campaign underway to key influencers at post-secondary institutions across Canada, endorsed by Freedom Rising leaders.

DEFEND our youth

Please support our youth by sharing the Press Release and Open Letter package widely. Where possible please invite others in countries around the world to do something similar.


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