Just like Sweden’s new PM, Italy’s Georgi Meloni is CONTROLLED OPPOSITION.

Giorgia Meloni — controlled opposition

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Giorgia Meloni is unfortunately a controlled opposition, just like SD in Sweden.

Meloni is…

  • … anti-Russian, anti-Chinese and loyal to NATO:📄
  • … pro-Israeli:📄
  • … a creation of the globalist Aspen Institute:📄


When the people of Europe realize that the ‘elite’ wants to destroy them, the ‘elite’ presents false resistance leaders — to the cheers and applause of the populace. An effective resistance requires significantly better ability to distinguish fake from genuine opposition.

Psychologically, it has been found that one of the most seductive political figures for conservatives (specifically men) is a mother figure, a capable slightly older but still attractive woman, who speaks warmly of the traditional values ​​of family and culture. Meloni captured the hearts of Italians, just as intended.


In Sweden, the situation is even worse. SD has been confirmed to be controlled by Israel. SD does not serve Swedish interests. Nevertheless, the Swedes either vote for SD or for the old parties that created the problems. The Swedes feel hopelessly condemned, and just can’t do the right thing.

Those who want to wake up their population are horrified to discover that the public enthusiastically grabs the first straw and willingly goes straight down the nearest pitfall. Greater patience is required than many imagine. Do what you can, and leave fate to God. Personally, I grew up surrounded by Sweden’s power elite, and can attest that the destruction of Sweden is intentional, and a component of a global power project.

Both Italy’s Meloni and Sweden’s SD are the ‘elite’s’ theater for dealing with those who defend family and tradition.


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