Just as the Khazarian Cabal deliberately destroyed Germany and Russia via WW1 & 2, they’re doing it again with the Ukraine War (read: WW3)

That’s it—the Khazarian Cabal stealthily engineered
the Ukraine War to totally terminate all aspects of
a Russian-German alliance to forever prevent such
a formidable political and economic union from
ever challenging the Zio-Anglo-American Axis of
of power and influence that ruthlessly dominates
the world today as it has for centuries.

Yes, there are several other parallel Khazarian Cabal agendas operating
simultaneously with the one above, but killing two birds with one stone
by taking down both Russia and Germany with the transparently staged
Ukraine War is the BIG ONE.  After all, the same genocidal clan quite
purposefully started the First and Second World Wars for the very same

*World War I was carried out by the Khazarian Cabal to set up the Bolshevik
Revolution of 1917 which devastated Russian Empire, just as Nazi Germany was
prodded into foolishly attacking Russia during World War II as a means of inflicting
large-scale damage on Saint Petersburg and Moscow.

STRATFOR Chief Reveals
Zio-Anglo-American Plot
For World Domination

State of the Nation
October 25, 2022


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