A Desperate Khazarian-Directed Psyop
Exposed by its Extreme Chutzpah
and Unrivaled Absurdity

Submitted by An Irate American
SOTN Exclusive

As for the utterly ridiculous
and audaciously insulting
call for a Pandemic amnesty…

Only the “Father of Lies”
would hope so very much
that we are all that stupid.

But why?  Really?!

Because all of his slavish minions
are about to be hanged live
on the Internet—THAT’S WHY!!!

— A Christian Covid Plandemic Investigator 

Okay, ready or not, here goes the rant.

Really, these mother WEFers lock us down, force us to wear face diapers, close off the beaches so we can’t recover, shut down our businesses, close down the schools, coerce us to social distance/shelter-in-place/isolate ourselves/quarantine our families, order us to stop walking and exercising in public places, prevent us from visiting infirm and/or dying loved ones in every kind of care facilities and, on top of all that, cancel holidays and reunions, anniversary and birthday celebrations, weddings and funerals, baptisms and bar mitvahs, etc.

Then they outlaw virtually every effective COVID-19 remedy in Creation, making it impossible for extremely sick people to self care and forcing them into the hospital (aka Covid killing factories).  That’s right, the Medical Mafia quickly took over every single hospital and medical center, urgent care facility and walk-in clinic in the country and stifled any Covid protocol that might work.  Ditto that for every nursing home, assisted living facility, memory unit, and all independent living and care home institutions.  What’s worse, the so-called doctors force-fed the powerless patients extremely toxic pharmaceutical drugs such as Remdesivir until they got so ill they needed a ventilator.  Who doesn’t now know how fast the many misdiagnosed Covid patients died from medically dangerous venting?!


It’s called MEDICIDE, which is murder by medical weaponry used by your physician.  It’s also known as MURDER ONE, as in “murder in the first degree”.


Next, the same Covid criminals roll out their COVID-19 clotshots and killshots, with no meaningful or adequate testing, and then they mandated the exceedingly dangerous and deadly injections for practically every person on the planet.

Then, the same Khazarian-controlled corruptocrats tell us — all of US — to completely ignore the official Covid ‘vaccine’ death and injury data published by VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System).

Yeah, you heard that right, these genocidal maniacs want us to pretend that we are not aware of the countless ‘vaccine’-induced deaths and injuries formally reported to the primary US government agency tasked with recording them.

Yes, that’s right, VAERS is run by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, but we’re supposed to just forget that such a database even exists while the Covid Cons at the CDC mandate new Covid injections for our children … that is if they still want to go to school.

Here’s the VAERS website:

But that’s not even the worst of it.

As it turns out, the vaccine injuries reported to VAERS only represents 1% to 10% of the actual number of deaths and injuries caused directly by the Covid jabs.

So, watch this:

The key number shown in the table above is 15,003 DEATHS in the US alone from the extremely dangerous and deadly Covid shots since December of 2020.

But, remember, the actual number of deaths may be as high as 150,030 or even 1,500,300 since only 1% to 10% are ever reported, respectively.

The second key piece of data in the chart is 15,287—the “# of Permanent Disabilities after vaccination” for COVID-19.

Again, the real number may as high as 152,870 PERMANENT DISABILITIES.  Or, as high as 1,528,700 serious disabilities.

The third key data point is 891,607.  That’s the “number of Adverse Reactions” in the USA after taking the Covid jab.

Once again, that statistic could be as high as 8,916,070 ADVERSE REACTIONS or even much higher than that.

Lastly, let me point out the reported “# of Emergency Room/Department Visits” brought about by CV19 vaccines—105,306.

Which means that as many as 1,053,060 people visited ERs across America as a result of their Covid vaccine or booster.  Maybe even 10,530,600 EMERGENCY ROOM/DEPT VISITS since December of 2020.

KEY POINTS: The Atlantic article linked below should be read in its entirety to fully appreciate this screed.  The deceitful claim repeatedly made by the author is that everything that went wrong during the highly choreographed Plandemic was unintentional.  In other words, Emily Oster asserts that there was no “mens rea” in the commission of the Covid crime spree by the massive network of Covid criminal co-conspirators.  It’s as though the world never faced a similar pandemic going back to the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic.  Her extremely disingenuous take on this deliberate depopulation scheme can only be explained as a Khazarian-contracted presstitute getting paid big bucks to profoundly mislead the country.  In this regard, Oster just made herself a witting accomplice in the Covid criminal cover-up.

“Father of Lies”

So, the “Father if Lies” wants every dead and injured American to simply forget that his Khazarian henchmen carried out such a homicidal capital crime wave that is still rolling over this nation.

The current reigning Satan even had a nice little Khazarian economics professor write a Woke little article for the Khazarian-run publication — The Atlantic — to float a piece trash shamelessly promoting that we all ought to self-induce collective Covid Pandemic amnesia.

Mind you, author Emily Oster was ordered to write such a preposterous piece of perfidious propaganda WHILE THE COVID VAX GENOCIDE ONLY GETS WORSE.

Do you see how the Khazarian Clan always tries to take care of their own, even as the rest of humanity dies and becomes forever debilitated?!

Now look up Emily Oster and her husband Jesse Shapiro to understand how this Khazarian family of economists had no business whatsoever even penning such a piece of garbage.  Surely they both have been compensated handsomely by their Ashkenazi banksters for ruining their reputations—FOREVER!  Always a quid pro quo running in the background of every Khazarian tribe family.

So, it’s important to understand that not even the top tier of the Khazarian Cabal ever moves right or left until they have been so ordered by their Father of Lies.  Even President Putin recently and quite aptly memed the Zio-Anglo-American Axis the “Empire of Lies” whose implied leader is none other than Satan—the Father of Lies.  Hasn’t the United States of America been labelled “The Great Satan” by various oppressed peoples over many decades?  Think about that!

Which is why Jesus the Christ so railed against the “Synagogue of Satan” and their multi-millennial “abomination of desolation” that continues unabated up to this very day.


Let’s face it: the Father of Lies, if he is to maintain his worldwide tyranny, must pull off the greatest feat of back magic in world history.  And he must rely on his Covid Crazymakers to pile more lies on top of an immense mountain of lies.

Clearly, only Satan himself could have even gotten this far with effectively hiding the global Covid biowar from the masses, while successfully concealing the lethally weaponized COVID-19 vaccination programs across the planet.

However, the old devil knows that his Covid schemes and cover-ups are cracking up in real time—BIG TIME!  And, that it’s only a matter of when the injured and aggrieved masses light their torches and grab their pitchforks.

The BOTTOM LINE here is that floating any idea, which even remotely suggests the enactment of a “Pandemic Amnesty” to grant immunity to all governmental tyrants and corporate criminals, is obviously a last ditch effort.  And that’s a very good thing.  For it reveals that Satan is now willing to sacrifice his many Covid criminals and corruptocrats on the altar of his own survival.

While Satan is the Father of Lies, it appears that he does know when he can no longer lie his way out of what is arguably the most genocidal campaign of falsehoods in human history.  After all, folks everywhere have become aware of his attempt to forever destroy the Christian nations and to exterminate their peoples via the Covid Super Vaccination Agenda.  How does he really fix that … except by way of permitting “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth”, against his own Khazarian minions.

Which means that Christian Patriots everywhere will be coming for Satan this time around unless he does something very bold and very drastic.  He may have gotten Jesus the last time a divine truth-teller got in his way; but this time he’s toast unless he sacrifices his loyal hordes of liars and devoted armies of deceivers, YES?!

Truly, the present state of affairs throughout Satan’s legions is nothing but fear-stricken chaos and desperation.  Once Liar-in-Chief Tony “The Fearmonger” Fauci resigned, they all knew their days were numbered.  And they are.

Once “Mr. Depopulation” Bill Gates jumped ship and climbed on board the USS Climate Change, the Covid criminals at all levels knew that the Covid Titanic has all but sunk into the deep dark ocean depths of history.

Not even the once invincible CDC and FDA, NIH and HHS remain unscathed as each governmental organ of systematic genocide has been exposed for all time.  In fact, all that remains to do the devil’s bidding is POTUS Imposter and Deceiver-in-Chief Joe Biden.

You know that when the only nakedly malevolent entity standing in Satan’s stead is Lyin’ Biden, the old chap is in very serious trouble indeed.  Which also spells BIG trouble for the rest of the Khazarian Clan, for this is one attempted CON JOB they will never get away with.

Truly, the end is nigh for the ever-brazen and exceedingly dangerous Khazarian Cabal.  It seems that the Khazarians have just committed the greatest overreach in recorded history; and many of them will finally pay for their heinous crimes.

That the Khazarian Crazymakers want US to “forgive and forget” their ongoing genocide against the American Republic, even as they hard sell their fatal CV19 vaccine bioweapons daily, is the very height of chutzpah.  For only an incorrigible cabal of criminally insane psychopaths would ever try to pull off such a crazy global crime spree that really amounts to full-scale ELE*.

*ELE = Extinction Level Event

An Irate American
State of the Nation
November 4, 2022

SOTN Editor’s Note: It’s quite noteworthy (and newsworthy) that Emily Oster’s article first appeared in The Atlantic on Monday, October 31, which qualifies it as a rather lackluster October Surprise.  Her daffy “last ditch effort” was obviously a desperate reaction — JUST 7 DAYS BFEORE THE MIDTERM ELECTIONS — to the swiftly rising red tidal wave rolling across the USA.  After all, the tyrannical Pandemic response was, by and large, a highly coordinated Democrat black operation overseen by the U.S. Intelligence Community and facilitated by the U.S. Military (Operation Warp Speed was headed by United States Army Four-Star General Gustave F. Perna).  The globalist-run DNC knows that both the House and Senate will be controlled by Republicans in January of 2023; hence, they floated the “Pandemic Amnesty” trial balloon to somehow exonerate the mostly Democrat Plandemic perps across all levels of government—municipal, county, state and federal.  The great news is that this face-saving Khazarian CON JOB has been swiftly harpooned by almost everyone on and off the Internet. See: “Pandemic Amnesty” Psyop Totally Torn Apart Across the Internet

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