Now we find out, according to the divine appeal of Our Lady of Fátima, that Russia was consecrated to her Immaculate Heart under the enlightened leadership of President Putin.


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The Orthodox Church, despite the limitations deriving from the schism of the 11th century, has always been very devoted to THEOTOKOS, the Mother of God. The Russian people have this age-old devotion in their DNA, also manifested by the splendid and inspired iconography.

During Communism this profound faith continued to flow like a karst river, but it never died, indeed, thanks to the ruthless persecutions of Zionist Bolshevism that began with the Jewish ritual massacre of the Romanov imperial family, it even got stronger.

It is for this reason that the West, completely subjugated by Jewish Freemasonry, that is, by the most ferocious enemy of God and of his Most Holy Mother, is working to tear down the last bastion of Christianity in the world which is Russia. The geopolitical, economic, financial reasons, etc. are real but secondary or, if you like, a smokescreen or a consequence. The real struggle is of a spiritual nature between the children of the “Serpent” and those of the “Woman”, prefigured by Genesis 3:15, who with her unique and heroic obedience to God, is the one who crushes his proud head with the thin heel of his immense humility, second only to that of God.

When the Russians became aware of the apparitions of Fatima (which obviously had made and continue to travel around the world), despite being a supernatural event within Catholicism, they were particularly interested, because it was the Mother of God, who moreover had spoken explicitly of them, of their homeland, of the errors that Communism (of which, particularly that the debauched West does not understand having never experienced it, the Russian people were the first to have suffered demonic atrocities for almost a century), around the world and the demand for the Consecration of their nation. They understood much better than the Catholics that the three little shepherds (who did not know history to the point of thinking that Russia was a bad woman) did not lie, they could not be victims of fantasies of human or diabolical origin, but that Our Lady had spoken to them.

After the fall of the Soviet Union, of which he was even a KGB agent, Putin, who received a profound Christian education from his mother and who in a recent video describes with emotion some events related to his baptism, returned to the faith by deciding to save the own country on the foundations of the millenary Christian tradition. It can also be inferred from the impressive change in his facial expression from his time as a Soviet agent to the present.

The Consecration of Russia probably never took place, at least according to the precise requests of Our Lady, but Heaven, infinitely higher than Earth, is not formalized. God looks at the heart and intentions of each and everyone. So it is legitimate to think that Russia consecrated itself to THEOTOKOS and that the Most Holy Virgin accepted and appreciated this act, especially as Putin suffered the incredibly humiliating (for him but also for the Bride of Christ) rejection of the antipope Francis , who, like his predecessors, in particular the antipope John XXIII, did not even want to hear about Fatima, because according to the words heavy as boulders, always of the Blessed Virgin, this time in La Salette, in France (1846): “The Church will be eclipsed. Rome will lose the faith and will become the seat of the Antichrist “, since 1958, the year of the election of the Rosicrucian pedophile Angelo Roncalli imposed by B’nai B’rith, the Holy See is under the full control of Jewish Freemasonry, the same that created and governs the United States of America, the modern Babylon whose collapse the prophet Isaiah 21, 1:10 prophesies: “IN ONE HOUR YOU WILL BE JUDGED”.

President Putin and Patriarch Cyril visit the Orthodox Military Cathedral

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