DIED SUDDENLY – Summon the Courage to Break Free of the United States of Denial

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DIED SUDDENLY – Summon the Courage to Break Free of the United States of Denial (Mark Crispin Miller)

Haven’t people ALWAYS just “died suddenly” like this, some readers ask me (anxiously)?

The answer is, most definitely, NO—as many other readers know full well

Mark Crispin Miller, NFU, 6 Apr 2022

Since I started posting weekly compilations of reports of “sudden deaths” in the US and worldwide, I’ve often noted that this horrid spike is quite unprecedented, bolstering that point with links to pieces demonstrating, indisputably, that all-cause mortality has been rising steadily since the rollout of this “vaccination” drive began. By now the evidence, both statistical and anecdotal, is too copious, and clear, to be denied, its meaning variously reconfirmed by VAERS, DMED (the US military database), athletic organizations, life insurance companies, doctors, morticians, first responders and, increasingly, anyone and everyone who isn’t living in denial of what’s happening all around us, sometimes daily, right before our eyes.

I’ve also often noted that “died suddenly” was, pre-COVID, an obituary euphemism for suicide or drug overdose, but that it now pops up in the media more than ever, and, for the most part, not as a tactful way to hint that the departed killed himself, or overdosed, but simply to report the chilling fact that the departed just dropped dead, and often with no cause of death reported—something that one rarely saw, pre-COVID (and even during “COVID”) in the press reports of people dying, unless they were quite old. In other words, “died suddenly,” and “died unexpectedly,” though still used in that former coded way, are now frighteningly apt descriptors of how people everywhere, and of all ages, have been passing on abruptly, here one moment and gone the next, though in ostensibly good health.

Finally, in putting out these compilations I have also noted often that, while all too many have “died suddenly” for no reported reason, many others have been felled by either cardiological mishap—heart attack, stroke, blood clots, cardiac arrest—or sudden aggressive cancers: two categories of fatal illness that are now both well-established as “adverse events” post-“vaccination.” This too is entirely new, especially when it comes to countless children “dying suddenly” of “massive” heart attacks, which, once upon a time, was as unusual as children dying of COVID in 2020.

However much I’ve tried to put these crucial points across, I often hear from people who demand some proof that this macabre uptick is unprecedented. They ask if it hasn’t always been like this, and urge me to seek like data from the years before the “vaccination” drive began, since, they assume (or hope), I’d surely find the same innumerable reports of people “dying suddenly” in, say, 2019, and 2010, and 1999, etc. Until they’ve seen such data, they imply, they can’t see that what’s happening today is anything to make a fuss about.

I agree that someone should go back and look into the media’s prior death reports, and hope that someone will, but not because I think there’s any need for it. I think someone should do it, but only to convince those nervous readers who prefer to think that this cascade of “sudden deaths” is no big deal. The reason why I’m not about to spend my time on such research is that I know this uptick is unprecedented, since I’ve been closely studying the press since the late Seventies, and so am grimly confident that what we’re seeing now is something that we’ve never seen before; and many of my readers know it, too.

Here, then, are three pertinent responses to my latest compilations, posted just today. If you have similar observations, please feel free to pass them on to me, either as a comment here or in an email (markcrispinmiller@pm.me), letting me know if I have your permission to share your testimony.

From Michelle Abernathy (email):

I think it’s the deaths of multiple students at the same schools that really gets me. I went to many different schools throughout my childhood (military), and how many student deaths were there? Two. From elementary through college, I remember (and I have a keen memory) exactly two, and they were college friends in icy/wet road conditions. Apart from that: I remember one kid having to go in an ambulance for an asthma attack in middle school, my best friend having ambulatory help from a soccer game in high school, a friend’s little brother getting shot at close range by a shot gun (and miraculously having no serious injuries), a rare parental death from cancer or drugs, one college acquaintance being paralyzed from a neck injury, another college student having a heart episode, but no death (smaller college) …..in fact, *I* was the only person I knew growing up who lost a parent unexpectedly (mother, pulmonary embolism in 1998). Two young students Dying spontaneously for no reason? How can people possibly over look this?! Sigh.

From Baker Charlie (Substack comment):

The car crash thing is really disturbing. Here in my neck of the woods in just 10 days time I have seen two crashes, both involving vehicles coming thru intersections that just veered off across traffic and into utility poles. One was a small car, the other a large dump truck. Judging from the impact, they must have been going fairly fast. I’ve also seen a lot of erratic driving as well, just yesterday I followed an SUV that was literally driving all over the road. Due to our rainfall here, we have little road shoulder and deep drainage ditches. I found myself yelling in horror as the SUV would drift over to the ditch, pulling out at last minute, sway over to the oncoming side, then run a stop sign. This was at midday on a relatively busy road. It’s crazy out there, accidents used to be occasional, like hearing ambulance sirens. Now it is weekly if not daily.

From Faye Wollaeger (email):

My son worked with this girl:
The camp he worked at with Kamrynn sent them all an email saying that she died from a “heart” problem. This death occurred early in the vaccine roll-out and it was a huge wake up call for my son. We as a family were never going to get this “vaccination” anyway but actually knowing someone who died was chilling. An added note to this situation: my unvaXXXed son went to that very same camp where he was a junior counselor to work for the summer and he was so bullied and ostracized by both other campers and the STAFF (!) that I went to pick him up after only a day and a half. The camp director did not want to hear ANYTHING about the danger of the vaXXXines and he dismissed my concerns regarding medical discrimination and harassment. I tried to tell him…. Now the camp REQUIRES 100% vaccination to attend or work at the camp. I hope there is a bench somewhere at the camp with Kamrynn’s name on it…..

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