MAC Address Phenomenon and Ribbons from C19 vials

Submitted by Harold Saive

There is good reason that this substack coined the terms “slow kill bioweapon” and DEATHVAX™. The four main eugenics pillars of these Modified mRNA experimental gene therapies are cancer, prion-based diseases, heart diseases, and micro clotting. The ferret, rat and mice studies of years ago gave us critical insights into the potential deadly adverse reactions while concurrently establishing that these technologies do not protect against any viruses and ultimately confer negative immunity. This is why Modified mRNA therapies never made it to human trials, until the “pandemic” EUA scam that is.

Micro clotting was never a consideration previously. Now it is a severe adverse event possibility for both the COVID virus, and the far more lethal injections.

My medical sources all just gave me a serious “head’s up”: COVID, particularly the lab manufactured spike protein part, could be much more serious than people realize.  (If secretly known to be true by the CCP, this could be the reason for their past policies, as well as Fauci’s initial lockdown response as he would have been privy to some of that classified info that his grant-funded Wuhan Lab research “discovered,” more at gain-of-functioned).

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