Is the Roman Catholic Pope really the False Prophet?!

BCP: Is Francis Bergoglio a true or false prophet?


On Sunday, 13 November 2022, Francis Bergoglio delivered a sermon for the World Day of the Poor. He used his usual charismatic expression: “… especially the poor, in whose face, in whose history, in whose wounds, we encounter Jesus. He told us so. Let us never forget it.”

These words are alarming, impressive and touch the human heart. The pseudo Pope, however, is not concerned with the poor at all. On the contrary, he is in ideological unity with Klaus Schwab, who strives for the mass impoverishment of humanity. He also makes friends with those who view man as an unwanted parasite exploiting so-called Mother Earth. For her sake, as they say, these pests need to be reduced to a minimum.

Bergoglio’s actions and the spirit he brings reveal that he does not serve God but the devil. He promotes immorality, sodomy and paganism not only theoretically but by idolatrous acts. He has committed himself to the devil under the guidance of a shaman in Canada, has enthroned the Pachamama demon in St Peter’s Basilica… Bergoglio has chosen the method of alternating these devilish deeds with highly spiritual preaching, thus deceiving Catholics into following him in heresy and sin. Moreover, he counts on the mentality of the Catholic faithful who trustingly submit to him as the true Holy Father.

Vatican Radio churns out these homilies and model sermons, confirming Catholics in their illusion about Bergoglio’s holiness. But this radio will never reveal the outrageous crimes that Bergoglio provocatively commits. And if it does mention them, it puts them in a completely different light. It is impossible to recognize idolatry or moral perversion in them.

An excerpt from his charismatic homily:

Quote: “‘Not a hair of your head will perish.’ But what does this mean? It means that he (Jesus) is with us; he walks with us to guide us. Do I have this conviction? Are you convinced that the Lord walks with you?”

How can Bergoglio have this conviction and claim that the Lord walks with him? He does not follow Christ as the way, but he follows the way paved by the adversary of Christ. Bergoglio destroys the foundations of faith and morals at the root. This is precisely the sign of the spirit of antichrist: talking like Christ but acting like the devil.

Quote: “We should always repeat this to ourselves, especially at times of greatest trouble: God is a Father, and he is at my side. He knows and loves me…”

Bergoglio used the same words when, in a published interview, he confirmed a homosexual in impenitence and in the path of sin leading to destruction. Bergoglio told him that God loved him and that he should love himself as he was, in other words, that he did not need to repent. This is a manipulation and a crime against the souls of those to whom he is obliged to show a way out of this passion and to mediate to them the power that Christ gives to save the soul.

Quote: “(God) does not sleep, but watches over me and cares for me. If I stay close to him, not a hair of my head will perish. And how do I respond to this?”

Bergoglio does not ask himself this question, he just manipulates his listeners. He is in opposition to God, His commandments and the foundations of faith that guarantee salvation. Bergoglio has exchanged the Triune God for so-called Mother Earth, Pachamama, associated with ecological conversion to territorial demons in the Amazon.

Bergoglio is changing Catholic thinking to New Age thinking. He sets the example of pathetic talk about a personal relationship with God, while doing the exact opposite.

Quote: “Let us take to heart the clear and unmistakable summons in the Gospel not to be led astray. Let us not listen to prophets of doom.”

It is Bergoglio who is a prophet of spiritual doom, so in no case should we listen to him as he himself exhorts us to do. He leads astray Catholics en masse, while telling them not to be led astray. Bergoglio speaks of the clear summons in the Gospel, but he himself has long professed a covid, sodomitic, climatic or other antigospel. For this, God’s anathema falls on him and on all who have been led astray by him. Every sensible mind is in shock over such impudence coupled with an obvious lie and mockery of the truth.

Quote: “It is not by chance that Jesus’ second exhortation, after ‘do not be led astray’, is positive. ‘This will give you an opportunity to testify.’”

What kind of testimony was it when Bergoglio kissed the feet of transsexuals, when he promoted mass demoralization of innocent children by encouraging “sex without rigidity!”, or when he hypocritically urged Irish parents to let their children freely choose their sexual orientation? In his view, parents must not tell their deceived children the truth and save them from demoralization imposed on them at school. But he knows very well how it ends – hormone therapy and tragic gender reassignment.

Quote: “Christians … ask: ‘What is the Lord saying to us through this moment of crisis?’ I ask myself the same question today: What is the Lord saying to us, especially in the midst of this third world war?”

Bergoglio, as the prophet of the antichrist, has indirectly revealed to us the plan of the elites. Behind the covid affair, behind the current war in Ukraine and behind the Great Reset is the plan for reducing the population to a so-called golden billion. One of the means of achieving this is also the third world war.

Quote: “Every crisis is a possibility and offers opportunities for growth. Every crisis is an openness to the presence of God.”

The teaching of the Church is that we should use our sufferings and crosses for our spiritual growth by uniting them to the sufferings of Christ. Although Bergoglio is speaking the truth, the fact is that he himself has deliberately caused a deep crisis within the Church, which results in the destruction of souls.

Quote: “It is important to be able to discern the times in which we live, in order to remain disciples of the Gospel even amid the upheavals of history.”

Bergoglio calls us to remain disciples of the Gospel amid the upheavals of history. But he himself is making every effort to make us surrender to unprecedented historical upheavals within the Church plotted by him and to turn us from disciples of the Gospel into disciples of the antichrist.

Quote: “Christians, then, in the face of trials … ask: ‘What is the Lord saying to us through this moment of crisis?’”

Why does Bergoglio not make it clear that the Lord tells us to repent? (Lk 13:3) Each of us must truthfully admit that we have turned away from God through unbelief and put aside God’s laws and commandments, especially the first one.

Card. Müller, the former Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, has spoken out clearly these days concerning Bergoglio: “A heretical Pope automatically loses his office.”

Bergoglio promotes sodomy, which is contrary to the Bible and Tradition of the Church. Saint John Chrysostom said: “The worst of all passions is lust between men… So I say to you that these are even worse than murderers, and that it would be better to die than to live in such dishonour. A murderer only separates the soul from the body, whereas these destroy the soul inside the body… There is nothing, absolutely nothing more mad or damaging than this perversity.” (In Epistulam ad Romanos)

As a false prophet, Bergoglio uses the passion of sodomy and the unclean spirit behind it with the aim of destroying the Church from within. What does Bergoglio aim for with his charismatic homilies? He seeks to evoke sympathy and trick Catholics into opening up and receiving the spirit he brings. Behind his synodal journey is not the Spirit of Christ, the Spirit of the Lord, but the spirit of antichrist. This is how he prepares Catholics for the transition to the New Age Anti-Church and ultimately to eternal damnation. This is Bergoglio’s most serious crime against God and against the Church. Jesus warns against him and other false prophets: “You will know them by their works.” “Beware of these false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves.” (Mt 7:15) Francis Bergoglio is a false prophet!

+ Elijah
Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr             + Timothy OSBMr
Secretary Bishops
20 November 2022

BCP: Modern psychological and spiritual warfare
Part two

Analysis of spiritual warfare

In part one, we reflected on the reality of spiritual and psychological warfare that is currently taking place on a global scale. In part two, we give an analysis of the spiritual war that takes place in the life of every person during his lifetime.

Psychological and spiritual warfare begins when two people hate each other. Every form of war has not only a horizontal but also a vertical dimension, behind which is rebellion against God and rejection of His laws and commandments. This rebellion has its origin in the spirit of lies and evil. The source of evil in us, i.e. original sin, suppresses the awareness of truth and our conscience, which is the voice of God in the heart of man. The very fact that a person separates himself from God – the vertical – through sin has a negative impact on the horizontal as well, that is, on the relationship with another person. This is the cause of every war and every evil that has ever been committed by mankind. The Bible gives us an illustrative example in the description of the first fratricide. Cain first turned away from God, and then was filled with envy and jealousy of his brother. His holding onto hateful thoughts and the resulting emotions eventually led him to kill his brother. We see that sin is rooted in the heart of man rather than in the evil deed itself, such as murder, adultery or the killing of an unborn child, revenge, theft, etc., which is only the consequence of it. We must therefore stand in the truth, in the light of God, in the vertical, in order to realize self-deception in our thinking and to admit it to ourselves and to God, or even to people. This paralyzes its negative charge, which otherwise causes suffering both to us and others. This standing in the light of truth, or repentance, is our life’s necessity. Without repentance, we become slaves to darkness and the spirit of lies, Satan, who seeks our death, both temporal and eternal. Dying on the cross, Jesus delivered us from his tyranny. With every act of repentance we renew our relationship to Jesus, the Source of light and truth.

A spiritual war is going on in every person, because in everyone there is a source of evil, hereditary sin, which darkens the mind and inclines the will towards evil. Human life is actually a battlefield that decides between eternal happiness in heaven and eternal damnation in hell. God and His angels, although they respect our free will, do everything for us to win over the evil that works in us and in the world and behind which is the devil himself. His main weapon is a lie and that is why it is so important to stand in the truth. True self-criticism and repentance unmasks the hidden strategy of this spirit of lies. An insidious war is going on in every human heart. The tragedy is that most people do not perceive this reality and do not even want to hear about it. The most banal example of war in interpersonal relations is divorce in marriage. Its cause is usually the breaking of God’s law concerning marital fidelity. It is often preceded by a series of minor misunderstandings, which stem from human egoism and unwillingness to humble oneself or tolerate certain ways of behaviour of the spouse. One of them or both of them are focused on their half-truth and unwilling to consider the views or attitudes of the other. Either of them sees their rights but forgets to see their duties and obligations. The problem is automatically dealt with only horizontally, where everyone insists on their own truth. God and His light have no place in these relationships. God – the vertical relationship – is ignored.

How to deal with marital conflict? It is necessary to shift from a horizontal to a vertical dimension, to realize the relationship to God. He created me, sacrificed His only Son for my sins to save me that I may not perish. He gave me His commandments to reach salvation, and I am now transgressing them. I do not want to accept the objective truth and realize that this life is short and sooner or later will end in death. I do not even want to consider the real consequences of broken families: the suffering of children, the bad example, the suffering of the one with whom the adultery was committed. This evil act also results in another broken marriage and unhappy children. For all of this one will be called to account before God’s judgment seat. I must therefore change my thinking while there is time. I also have to forgive and abandon my feeling of offence, my subjective point of view.

When praying or talking to wise people, you can draw light and strength; you can stop and turn from your bad ways. It is best to repent immediately, not to deceive your conscience and not to reject the saving truth.

It is a tragedy that the so-called synodal journey calls marital infidelity and illicit relationships with another person as loving relationships! It advocates that they be supported in the Church. This is the voice of the spirit of lies and death, not the voice of God.

Divorce breaks the bond of two people who promised to be faithful to each other in love until death. They have broken the law: “What God has joined together, let not man separate.” The consequences are very painful for many.

The young generation is not properly educated about the basic unit of society, which is the family. It is necessary to include in education effective and illustrative lessons and examples of how to solve conflicts arising from living together. Above all, however, it is necessary to teach the young generation true self-criticism and a sense of responsibility with a focus on God – the vertical. The fight against egoism and human passions requires a willingness to sacrifice, and for this one needs effective motivation. True motivation is based on faith in God and on a personal relationship to Him. Without this foundation, it would be mere moralizing or psychology that does not give strength.

Besides this area of spiritual warfare, there are others, such as rivalry, jealousy and envy among people, slavery to mammon and materialism, the foolishness of human pride associated with a false standard, prestige or career. All this comes from the poisoned source of evil in man. Jesus says: “For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false testimony, slander.” (Mt 15:19)

If we receive God, His laws and commandments and His Spirit of truth into our souls, we bring true peace to other people and our reason, will and feelings are in harmony. If we reject God and His commandments, it leads to an inner disharmony. We often do not realize it right away until negative consequences arise.

If the nations are to beat their swords into plowshares and if there is to be true peace (cf. Mic 4:3), connected with a deep peace in the souls, this is not possible without a personal relationship with God – without being rooted in the vertical. Only here, with eyes lifted up, in the true light, can I properly solve my problems, rise from my falls and change my egoistic views. It also applies here: “If we walk in the light, the blood of Christ cleanses us from all sin.” (1Jn 1:7) True peace presupposes this peace in human souls. Without man’s dependence on the vertical – on God, peace is just a utopia, both in the life of the individual and in society. This is the basic right orientation in order to achieve victory over the evil that is within ourselves, that is in the world, and that is at work through the spirit of lies and evil. Without respecting this reality, talking about world peace or phrases about peace prayers are a great hypocrisy and deception.

+ Elijah
Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr                + Timothy OSBMr
Secretary Bishops
16 November 2022

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