SHOCKER!!! Everyone, please post these highly disturbing images of “Self-Assembly Nano-structures in the Pfizer Vials” (Must View Photos)

SOTN Editor’s Note: The following extremely graphic images are proof positive of a surreptitious agenda of transhumanism being deceitfully implemented via the weaponized Covid injections against the whole human race.  Not only are people everywhere being injected with these extremely dangerous and deadly bioweapons without their knowledge or consent, billions have been coerced and compelled, bribed and blackmailed to take the frequently lethal jabs.  As if to add insult to injury, the G20 is currently colluding with the W.H.O. to foist a so-called ‘pandemic treaty’ upon the entire world community of nations.  That contrived treaty will most assuredly contain language which mandates a vaccine passport for COVID-19 as well as all other UN-declared pandemics.  Therefore, the single best way to stop this genocidal madness is to circulate the pictures shown below far and wide.  The more folks worldwide who become aware of this depopulation scheme and transhumanist vaccination plot, the sooner it will be terminated.  So, please, Covid truth advocates, disseminate this link everywhere and anywhere—POST-HASTE!  Thank you.

New Images of Self-Assembly Structures in Pfizer Vials and Live Blood Analysis

My Interview with David Nixon, MD

Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD

In this new episode of Dr. Ana’s Science of Light Show I interview Dr. David Nixon from Australia. Dr. Nixon graduated from Otago University in 1992. He has spent 25 years in General Practice, both in New Zealand and in Australia. He has written and published several papers and reports on the Management of Long-Term conditions in Primary Care with a focus on diabetes, heart disease and cardiovascular risk management. Dr. Nixon has worked in Brisbane last 12 years and is currently working under supervision and restrictions from AHPRA due to the serious public health risk posed by writing Covid-19 vaccination exemptions.

He has been using darkfield microscopy Live Blood Analysis to evaluate the effects of the C19 injectables and is involved with international team of doctors and researchers working in this area.

He became aware of the dangers of the injectables and has looked at many Pfizer vials and has done many experiments with them to determine what makes the structures grow. In this interview we go through extensive images as well as video footage looking at what the Pfizer ingredients look like coming right from the refrigerator.

Dr. Nixon also examined the blood of vaccinated people and unvaccinated who were in contact with vaccinated. The Live blood analysis from shedding in the unvaccinated clearly show the some abnormal features as seen in the vaccinated. This has been replicated by many other doctors.

Please find the link to our video here ( I could only put a few images on this substack, we show dozens of images in the video)


These findings are consistent with documentations from around the world that I have described in previous posts.

What are these structures? Why are these microscopic structures self assembling from the vials? Why are vaccinated people emitting a MAC address? How do we dissolve these structures that are found in the blood of the vaccinated and the unvaccinated from shedding? We have to address these observations with scientific rigor, to find solutions.

I have covered the research in this field. Dr. Felipe Van Weldenbergen clearly showed that Graphene is being transmitted from vaccinated to unvaccinated.

Study: Vaccinted individuals can transmit Graphene to Unvaccinated

Biomedical Clinics Medical Director Dr. Philippe van Welbergen revealed that the graphene being injected into people is assembling and developing into larger fibers and structures, getting magnetic properties or an electrical charge. The fibers are also displaying indications of more complex structures with streaks.

He also showed that “shards” of graphene are being transmitted from vaccinated to unvaccinated people, and it is destroying the red blood cells and causing blood clots in the unvaccinated.

These images from Dr. Nixon were taken from a sample left overnight at room temperature – Pfizer vial – metallic rectangular structures developed

Higher magnification

Different complex structure

Higher magnification of another structure

Carbon nanotube, possibly Graphene, left overnight – Pfizer sample. Faraday cage was over it to shield from Wifi. Instead of crystal structures nanotubes developed.

More close ups on carbon structures

Similar Carbon nanotube, possibly Graphene, in vaccinated person – 2 injections of Moderna. White Blood cell visible trying to degrade the structure

More complex carbon tubes in blood of the same vaccinated person



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