Let’s be very clear, the NWO globalist cabal really does hate Trump……..

…and President Trump did more than any other leader in world history to expose Deep State and the New World Order agenda.

But that doesn’t mean President Donald J. Trump should be elected POTUS again in 2024.  He has some very serious baggage concerning the extremely dangerous and deadly Covid ‘vaccines’ that he inexplicably refuses to offload.  

By the way, Donald Trump still is the President of the United States of America.

Editor’s Note
State of the Nation

N.B. The two lists that follow were originally posted by Stop World Control.

This is an incomplete list of the unrelenting attacks on Trump:

✔︎ Russian collusion hoax

✔︎ Two impeachment attempts

✔︎ Mass media slandering campaigns

✔︎ Facebook and Twitter accounts deleted

✔︎ Mass election fraud

✔︎ January 6 trap

✔︎ Kanye West set up

✔︎ Tax return investigation

✔︎ Constant public discrediting

✔︎ Controlled opposition accusations

✔︎ Republican Party betrayal

During conferences of the World Economic Forum, the think tank of the cabal, Trump was repeatedly named as the greatest threat to their plan. George Soros called Trump their number 1 enemy.

The message of the dark realm, has been from the beginning: “Hate Trump! Hate Trump! Hate Trump!”

Look at this list of what Trump has done and has been doing…

✔︎ Expose media corruption

✔︎ Expose government corruption

✔︎ Expose Big Pharma corruption

✔︎ Expose Big Tech corruption

✔︎ Expose FBI corruption

✔︎ Expose CIA corruption

✔︎ Expose DOJ corruption

✔︎ Expose DHS corruption

✔︎ Expose IRS corruption

✔︎ Expose election corruption

✔︎ Expose judiciary corruption

✔︎ Expose Supreme Court corruption

✔︎ Expose RINO corruption

✔︎ Expose the Deep State

✔︎ Expose the Cabal

✔︎ Expose child trafficking

✔︎ Expose the transgender agenda

✔︎ Expose border invasion

✔︎ Expose WHO crimes against humanity

✔︎ Expose WEF domination agenda

✔︎ Expose climate change hoax

✔︎ Expose New World Order

✔︎ Expose the “destroy America” agenda

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