I have yet to see the causal links mentioned above on any online media.

                  Clairvoyant Steiner pointed out that too much salty animal food ……binds……. the spirit or consciousness to the physical body, fostering thereby selfishness, aggression and sensuality.

                  People then come to identify with their physical body and what the body does eg I am my body and I am…. a pilot or a transgender. By inference, one balances that down pulling binding animal force by also consuming plant foods which lift or unbind the spirit. That is the real idea behind balancing the diet. One balances mineral gravity with alive plant levity.

                   If relaxing and  elevating plant foods are not used as balancers then bottled plant ferments and plant drugs are used. No refrigeration needed. Thus English warring sailors used rum to give themselves a lift after eating only salted mutton. The Spanish ate pig. The Viking salted fish.

                   Thus alcohol which offers people a false spirit, appears in human culture. It confuses and dulls consciousness….note the drunken person!

                  In all countries it has been the elite who have eaten the most meat and drunk the most wine, eg private game reserves and who war with one another for prestige and power while using the peasants as their pawns. eg wars between the kings of France, Spain and England. It has been the elite who gather up weapons using the people’s taxes.

                 As a country, the USA is the largest per person consumer of animal flesh in the world. It also has the highest spend on weapons, foments the most wars and occupies much of the world with its 2OO plus military bases. It follows the principle of might is right, power at the end of a gun. Of course there is the question about who really controls American policy, The English aristocrats or the Zionist Jews.(the neocons in USA senate)

                The above can be easily verified by looking at statistics. It was meat eating, weapons carrying soldiers who ruled over Australia’s pioneering convicts and who imported massive amounts of alcohol ensuing a good reliable  income from those who wanted to dull their emotional and physical pain.

                By contrast, those cultures that eat little animal food and more plant food do not invade other countries…ie India. It though has a rich spirit seeking tradition. China too has yet to openly invade another country. So it could become obvious that meat eating underpins warring Western consciousness and …………the consciousness of all elites in all countries……. where the search for happiness is limited to what the eyeballs can see and the hands touch. (modern science!)

               Lifeless food, refined, chemical food, uninfluenced by sunlight, air, rain and alive soil  feeds only the intellect which without any heart input naturally divides whole things into smaller and smaller disconnected pieces which in turn leads to a mentality that concludes that dead machines, ( AI microwaves etc) will save us….and so, our food choices may indeed alter the QUALITY of our consciousness and behaviour, whether we like it or not.

                The above thoughts though have to be strongly considered (no screen distraction) before a person will voluntarily improve their eating habits. So “what we think on” becomes the other part of the cosmic puzzle. Thus someone with Steiner’s ability to leave his body with full consciousness at any time said, “we become what we eat and think about”     

Submitted by Pete


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