The Genocide of New Hampshire

The Genocide of New Hampshire

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Former pharmaceutical executive and researcher Alexandra “Sasha” Latypova has laid out compelling arguments for why the “cartel” that orchestrated the dissemination and uptake of “biowarfare agents” — marketed as “COVID-19 vaccines” — operated with “very clear intent to harm” and to execute a “mass genocide of Americans.” link to article

The fact that I have to write this article is proof that the state of New Hampshire is completely void of leadership at any level. Everyone from the governor to town council members aren’t leaders they are traitors and obvious enemies of the people of our great state.

In military parlance there is something called a double tap. A drone is used to bomb a target. After the smoke clears and medical personnel start arriving to treat the wounded and take away the dead they will then bomb the target again killing the first responders and family members present. That is exactly what has happened here. First they attacked the population with a virus they created they then attacked the people with a bio-weapon disguised as a vaccine. You were scared to death (Stokholm Sydrome) by the main stream media and your government into believing the corona virus (with a 99% recovery rate) was going to kill you if you didn’t take their “vaccine”. So what did people do? They ran out and took the shot. Not once, not twice but some have taken FIVE shots. This was a carefully orchestrated psychological operation designed to scare you into compliance.

If you were unfortunate enough to have the luciferase laced covid-19 bio-weapon injected into your body you are now 143,000% more likely to get fast acting aggressive cancers . Yes, you read that correctly. The covid-19 death shot is classified as a bio-weapon by the federal government and each shot you take destroys your immune system until you literally have no natural defense mechansims left to fight off even the smallest threat to your body like the common cold. You are now totally defenselss. To make matters worse the blood clots induced by the “vaccine” are unlike anything doctors have EVER seen. The state of Florida is reporting an 84% increase in cardiac related events since the rollout of the kill shot. This is obviously happening in New Hampshire as well because the incidents of hemorrhaging, chest pains, strokes and difficulty breathing have skyrocketed since health “officials” and your lying media told you to do your part and take the death shots. People in New Hampshire are stroking out, having heart attacks and seizures at an extremely alarming rate and you hear NOTHING from our “leaders”. Total silence. If I am aware of this information they are too. They are covering it up because they are either too stupid to realize what’s happening or THEY ARE IN ON IT. Either way it’s inexcusable and these monsters must be held accountable.

Athletes are dying at a rate 1700% faster than ever before in history prior to the clot shot being forced on the population. Pilots of major airlines are dying in mid air and the FAA just adjusted the very rigorous standards to which pilots are held to hide this fact. The military forced all members, including the airforce, to take the death shot and now service members are dropping dead left and right . Fire fighters and police officers were threatened with loss of their jobs if they didn’t submit and now they are dying suddenly too.

Why is this happening? How could our “leaders” (Congress and Judges exempted themselves) do this to us? It’s simple folks. They have determined there are too many of us and it’s time to cull the herd. Various excuses are provided like human caused climate change is destroying the earth narrative but the real reason is our country is completely broke (132 trillion dollars in debt) and they simply can’t afford to meet all of the finacial obligations promised to the people. Their solution is to kill off the old people and render the rest of you incapable of reproducing.

Where’s the proof this is actually happening you say? They planned it well in advance. It’s called premeditated murder.

Major life insurance companies are reporting a MASSIVE increase in excess mortality and are no longer honoring life insurance policies of those people crazy enough to take the experimental, not FDA approved, depopulation shot. These companies report that an increase of 10% in excess mortality would indicate a catastrophic event has occured. What is the current excess mortality rate? It’s approaching 40%. You are being killed by your government. According to the corrupted VAERS database people of all ages are dropping like flies. You’re probably wondering how many people were either forced or duped into taking this thing? It’s around 75% of the country. Not to worry though for those people that don’t die immmediately there will be a never ending source of revenue for the companies that developed these shots.

How could they get away with this? This has got to be the biggest crime in human history right?

Ever since the repeal of the Smith Mundt Act that made it illegal to use very powerful mind controlling propaganda on US citizens you have been bathed in a never ending stream of fear fear fear. The easist way to control a population of any size is through fear. Your cognitive ability to think reasonably is displaced by the fight or flight reaction to a never ending string of trauma based mind control events. Zbigniew Brzezinski said it best: “In early times, it was easier to control a million people than to kill a million. Today, it is infinitely easier to to kill a million people than to control a million.” Ok how about a billion people? Literally billions of these death shots have been administered world wide and they’re pushing for more.

You say: This is a huge conspiracy and there’s no way someone wouldn’t have warned us. There’s no way it could be kept a secret.

Once you understand who owns and controls EVERY media outlet in the country and who is in positions of power in government to enable this genocidal plan it becomes painfully obvious who’s behind this. I couldn’t sit here one minute longer and not warn you about this and the perpetrators involved. I have been patiently awaiting ONE news outlet or ONE “leader” at the state or county level to come forward and speak out to save the good people of our state. That clearly hasn’t happened. The exact opposite is taking place. They ALL know what I’ve told you and yet they are still doing everything in their power to get you to take even more death shots. Now they’re pushing their eugenics scheme on our children. The doctors and hospitals have been bought off or threatened and our “leaders” are severly compromised.

It’s all just some crazy conspiracy theory right? No, it’s not. Anyone with half a brain has known all along that the cia killed John F Kennedy. They have now admitted it. As such you need to revisit every single major event that has taken place since 1963 and you’ll find you have been lied to. They lied to you about 9/11. They lied to you about Waco. They lied to you about Ruby Ridge. And they lied to you about The Oklahoma City Bombing. They have lied to you about EVERYTHING.

Am I angry? Yes. Do you have to worry about me coming after you? No. Once the good people of our state figure out what you’ve done to them I will be the last person you need to worry about. You assholes have killed a lot of people, ruined a lot of lives and destroyed families and businesses. Prepare for hell on earth because it’s coming.

Live Free or Die — Semper Fi


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