LOUISVILLE FALSE FLAG MASS SHOOTING: Here’s why the Gladio-staged MCE was carried out in Kentucky

The primary reason why this US government
sponsored black operation was just executed
in Louisville, Kentucky is that the state has
been regularly relaxing the gun laws to be in constitutional alignment with the Second
(see the list of relevant articles posted

State of the Nation

Of course, there are always multiple objectives whenever such a dramatic psyop like this is implemented, particularly when it’s perpetrated IN A BANK. For example:

It ought to be clear that this latest Kentucky bank mass shooting
was carried out to significantly harden security at all banking
institutions across the USA, especially in light of this recent
invasion of the BlackRock offices in Paris (see video)

There is also a regional psyop that’s being directed at the entire Mid-South region of the USA.  As follows:

Notice how these US government-directed mass shooter are now
targeting Louisville, Nashville, Memphis, etc. to fabricate a
case for new draconian gun control in the MidSouth.

Then there is the full court press that the cultural marxists are putting on the entire state of Kentucky.  Manufacturing as much chaos, confusion and conflict statewide is a primary purpose to greatly advance their LGBTQIA agenda.

The trans crazies are trying to run the asylum everywhere but won’t
in Kentucky. (Video footage captures a real live trans demon)

As usual, advancing draconian gun control legislation nationwide is always a main goal of these transparent US government-sponsored mass shootings.

Let’s forget another main motive for virtually all of these [SHOCKING] false flag mass casualty events —>

D I S T R A C T I O N ! ! ! 

In this regard, the NWO globalist perps have so much to distract the American people from it both boggles and blows the mind.

In point of fact, the rapidly growing list of government-conducted crime sprees and corporate crime waves alone that are coming to light is way beyond anyone’s capacity to keep up with.

Similarly, the rampant institutional corruption occurring every minute throughout every organ of the U.S. Federal Government has reached stratospheric levels of malfeasance and misconduct, mismanagement and maladministration, misdeed and malpractice, malversation and misrepresentation, malevolence and maliciousness.


From this point forward during the incorrigibly corrupt and incredibly criminal Biden administration, the US citizenry should expect an unending series of “shock and awe”, false flag mass shootings—anywhere and anytime.

Not only for the “distraction effect”, but this highly calculated strategy is completely consistent with that of Operation Gladio, the terrorist arm of NATO (also known as the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization).  It’s called “the strategy of tension”.  This is how the communist-run Democrat Party colluding with the fascist RINOs (aka the Uniparty) are stealthily setting up the 50 states for their long planned bolshevik revolution.

Nonetheless, their immediate, most urgent and principal ambition is to completely strip the American people of their guns, as well as their lawful right to own firearms.  For the Khazarian Cabal knows that it will never be able to rule the American Republic with an iron fist until the 2nd Amendment has been effectively canceled.  Which is exactly why the following legislative development in Kentucky scares the living hell out of the well-concealed Khazarian overlords.

How two bills would expand gun laws in Kentucky

State of the Nation
April 11, 2023


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