Because “THE COVID VIRUS IS A FAKE” do we attack RFK, Jr. for his take on it?!

People ‘been pushing me to attack RFK Jr because he won’t say THE COVID VIRUS IS A FAKE

Here’s my reply

JON RAPPOPORTIn case you’re one of those readers who looks at the headline and one or two sentences of an article and then moves away…let me start this way:


As my readers know, since the beginning of the fake pandemic, I’ve been offering evidence that there is no virus.

I’ve made that claim many times. With proof. Lots of proof.

Meanwhile, others who agree with me—and also have stunning evidence—have approached Kennedy with their evidence, and he’s tap danced away from really LOOKING at it.

I don’t believe he’s willing to think it through. I don’t believe he wants to go there, because THE VIRUS DOESN’T EXIST, as a position, would bring TONS of shit down on his head.

That’s my view.

I’m not sure why no-virus people picked out Kennedy to approach with the issue. But they did. So be it.

Maybe they approached him because they thought he was the one super-famous guy in America who would listen…and then he didn’t.

OK. Do I really have to point out there is nobody running for President and nobody of Kennedy’s stature who will actually think it through, who will examine the evidence showing SARS-CoV-2 doesn’t exist? I mean, COME ON.

And I also have to say, a few of the people who are attacking Kennedy on this basis remember that, back in the AIDS crisis, in the 1990s, it was this very issue—DOES HIV EXIST—that split up and set up warring factions within the very important Rethinking AIDS group. It got nasty. Very nasty. People eating their own is always a nasty sight.

Again, I personally don’t give a shit what Kennedy believes about viruses. And one reason is, I can’t think of anyone on the current scene who has done more to wake people up to the dangers of, and the destruction caused by, VACCINES.

This is no small issue. This is a giant fucking issue. Severe mass maiming and death is always a giant issue.

So it strikes me as RIDICULOUS that people would single out Kennedy to attack because he says viruses exist.

“Yeah, let’s go after the guy who’s exposing the DEATH MACHINE called COVID VACCINES, and let’s say he’s a really bad guy and he’s spreading malicious lies about viruses. Yeah, let’s do it.”

Brilliant. Just fucking brilliant.

And there’s a corollary to that brilliant position. It goes this way: “Think of all the good Kennedy could do if he would wake up his millions of followers to the fact that viruses don’t exist. The son of a bitch. He’s a gatekeeper. He’s controlled opposition. He’s set up to keep millions of people FROM THE TRUTH.”

Uh-huh. And you know what else? God Himself is a son of a bitch because HE doesn’t tell the world viruses don’t exist.

And DeSantis and INSERT ANY NAME HERE are all bastards, too, because they won’t come clean.

Way back when, in the early days of COVID, I was invited to go on a podcast and attack Robert Kennedy. I don’t remember what the reason was. So I said to this person: I have this policy. Yeah, I’m willing to ask famous people thorny questions. But I won’t ATTACK them full-on if they’re doing very good and very brave work. That’s a quirk of mine. An oddity. Try it yourself sometime. Try to stop drooling and slathering because you think you’ve found a very bad guy inside what appears to be a good guy WHEN YOU’RE DEAD WRONG.

Newsflash: Robert Kennedy is not perfect. I could give you a few reasons why. So what?

The idea of making him THE POSTER BOY for all those who refuse to say viruses don’t exist…wow.

“But…but he’s supposed to be THE truth teller. That’s why we went after him…”

Where the fuck did you get the idea that he’s the truth teller of all truth tellers…and why are you going with that fantasy? Don’t you see how naïve that assumption is? It shows you believed in Santa Claus, and then when you found out he wasn’t riding behind reindeer in the sky, you turned around with great anger and called him SATAN.

I could have told you in the winter of 2020 that Kennedy was never going to say viruses don’t exist.

He was never Santa Claus.

It really boggles the mind that you’re cursing him out now.

The people I’m addressing here have miles of slam dunk evidence that viruses aren’t real. They’re VERY smart people. But when a couple of them start leaning on me to call Kennedy Satan…and when a few readers are doing the same, I have to answer. In no uncertain terms.

Stop acting like angry children because Santa didn’t come down the chimney.

I could make a list of 50 people off the top of my head, people I call colleagues, some of them friends…who are easily as smart as Kennedy…and all of them believe viruses exist.

So what?

So the fuck what?


Yeah, right.


He isn’t Santa Claus. And I have to say, for all your brilliance, you were a little deranged for imagining he was or might be. He was never Santa Claus.

Aside from these very smart people, let me say something about the population at large. There are MANY people in America who are little children in their minds. Little children looking for the one shining angel who is going to set everything straight, finally. Oprah is their angel. Michelle Obama is. Trump is. Robert Kennedy is. And when they see they were wrong, they go batshit.

“I wanted the model train set for Xmas and I didn’t get it. Wah-wah. Mommy, Daddy, I hate you.”

Arrested development. That’s what it is.

And there’s sheer paranoia at work, too. “I pick out my angel, and when he turns out to be a non-angel, I not only curse him, I KNOW he is actually a CIA PLANT out to destroy us all. I know that because, well, he’s not an angel.”

The naïve have a little game they play. It’s called WHERE IS PERFECTION? And the bottom line on that obsession is, IF YOU AREN’T PERFECT, YOU’RE THE DEVIL. If so, what the fuck does that make the naïve people who are playing that game?

Come closer. I want to whisper a little secret to you. Shh. Guess what? Robert Kennedy is not going to be the next President of the United States.

As I’ve been writing, and saying, I’m focusing on the CAMPAIGN SEASON. Because that’s when we can try to force candidates to come out of their roles and answer hard questions.

If you want to hammer Kennedy about the virus question, be my guest. I would ask him why his site, CHILDREN’S Health Defense, hasn’t been highlighting the surgical destruction of children vis-a-vis the transgender nightmare. And: what makes him believe the NRA is killing people when guns don’t shoot themselves, and the vast majority of people who own guns don’t kill other people? But that’s just me.

And when I ask those questions, I’m not looking at Kennedy as a fallen angel. I’m looking at him as a man. A man who is doing VITAL work on killer vaccines. For which a grateful nation should thank him.

So Yes, I’m firmly convinced that viruses are the biggest con ever invented. And I don’t care whether Kennedy agrees.

I’d rather point out that Trump still tells people the COVID vaccines are great.

“But…but Jon, don’t you see that if we can expose the fakery called viruses, that’s the lynchpin, and then the whole stinking structure of killer medicine collapses?”

I do see. And I might have been saying that while you were still crawling around on the floor pissing in your diapers and playing with the family puppy.

I see very well. I see fine, thank you.

And I’ll continue to say viruses are the biggest con and the biggest cover story ever invented.

And—blowing my own horn here—nobody has exposed viruses from as many angles as I have. Nobody. Particularly when it comes to how the cover story is used, and exactly what it’s covering for.

But I’m not going to make Robert Kennedy my target.

That’s a losing proposition. It always was.

Instead, I’m going after Mickey Mouse. That Disney motherfucker. HE has more followers than the Pope. And he refuses to admit viruses don’t exist. If he would come clean, we could save the world. I loved Mickey as a child. He was my idol. I prayed to him every night. He stood for all that was good. When I finally realized he was just a guy inside a suit, a human, probably some asshole they pulled off the street, I hit the ceiling. I swore my revenge. And now I’m going to have it.

Mickey, you imposter, do you know how scientists claim to isolate viruses in the lab? Let me explain. The process is a complete fraud, a fabrication. Just like you.


I sloughed off that shit a long time ago. When my parents dragged me to synagogue and the rabbi put me to sleep with his sermons every time. And I thought: This guy is getting paid to tell people who God is and what He wants. THE RABBI ISN’T PERFECT. I was ten years old. It was a revelation. THEN.

Mickey Mouse is your guy. He’s the one. He holds the whole global conspiracy together. He’s the head of the snake.

And some dude in Cincinnati reading this is saying: YEAH. I KNOW. MICKEY. Because of Disney. Aha.

Missing my point entirely.

I’m going to say something heavy now. Very, very heavy. So prepare yourselves. Buckle up. This is astonishing. A total stunner.

Robert Kennedy tells the truth about some things and doesn’t tell the truth about other things.

I hope that doesn’t send you screaming into a psych ward.

— Jon Rappoport


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