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State of the Nation

The photoshopped pictures shown above were fabricated with extremely purposeful design.

The Hindu goddess of death and destruction — KALI — recently appeared in a tweet posted by Ukraine’s Deputy Foreign Minister Emine Dzhaparova which is further explained in the following link.

Clearly this ‘journalistic nuclear bomb threat’ was not an accident;
rather, it was a Ukrainian nuclear war message sent to
their intended recipients worldwide!

What’s quite suspicious about that predictably offensive tweet is that it was posted on the same day that the following headline appeared around the globe.

Really, why else would the United States wire all of Ukraine with a network of nuclear sensors … unless they planned on executing a false flag nuclear attack, which would then be blamed on the Russian military?

Can this transparent conspiratorial plot be any more obvious?!

Desperation Demands Distraction

Look it, the Khazarian Cabal has never been so recklessly desperate throughout its entire history of conducting genocides worldwide.

The Khazarians are not only in a world of hurt because of their hopelessly failing Ukraine War, they need to distract the entire world community of nations from their rapidly intensifying Covid jab genocide.  Even though it was designed as a slow-motion killshot, clotshot and/or cancershot, the weaponized Covid injections are now having considerable impacts across the whole planet which folks are getting wise to.

The Khazarian bioterrorists also need to divert everyone’s attention from their various COVID-19 bioweapon programs which were unlawfully carried out in Wuhan, China as well as in the 43+ Pentagon-directed biolabs scattered across the Ukraine.

Moreover, the Khazarian biowarriors are determined to prevent countries everywhere from becoming aware of the now established fact that variations of the original COVID-19 bioweapon were subsequently released within their own borders.  As this deliberate depopulation scheme breaks out in the open, the specter of a highly dramatic nuclear detonation in Ukraine becomes more likely.  After all, no one does — OR NEEDS — “shock and awe” like the Khazarian Cabal does right now.

Just as the very same Khazarian perpetrators pulled off the 9/11 false flag terror attacks in broad daylight, it will be quite easy for them to stage a false flag nuclear attack (real or hoax or hybrid) in Ukraine.  Given the current level of chaos, confusion and conflict that exist across the Ukraine, implementing OPERATION NUKE THE UKES successfully is child’s play for these multi-millennial genocidal maniacs.


There can be only one conclusion for the incredibly brazen tweet by the Ukraine Defense Ministry shown below.

Similarly, there can be only one conclusion for the following audacious initiative undertaken this month by the U.S. Military throughout the Ukraine.

As for the immense and far-reaching geopolitical ramifications of perpetrating a nuclear terrorist attack in Ukraine, what better way to stampede all the Zio-Anglo-American Axis client states over the WW3 cliff than to surreptitiously explode a dirty bomb anywhere in Ukraine?  And then accuse Russia of the ultimate provocation since nuclear fallout would inevitably migrate over the closest NATO member nations.  Poland, alone, would be screaming for an all-out attack on Moscow in the aftermath of such a staged false flag operation.

The Armchair Geopolitical Analyst
State of the Nation
May 2, 2023

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