The War for the World

Dr. Joseph Sansone
Mind Matters and Everything Else with Dr. Joseph Sansone

Alex Jones titled his book The Great Reset And The War for the World. The title was spot on. There is indeed a war for the world going on. In the balance is the continued existence of the human race. There is no going back. The war for the world started in earnest in January of 2020 when the global pandemic was released. It accelerated with the lockdowns (there’s that prison term again), face masks, social distancing, the little lines on the floor, standing 6 feet apart, and then went into hyperdrive with the fake 2020 election, and the C19 bioweapon shots.

Escalation in this conflict has continued even if the method of attack continues to shift. Like a boa constrictor tightening its grip, the globalists are implementing a methodical campaign of marginalization. Censorship, deplatforming, and outright cancelling are the norm, for those that are not obedient to their new masters. Herding people into 15 minute cities, managing their behavior with a social credit score, using advanced technologies like centralized digital bank currencies for total control, are all in play, and with a sadistic pleasure to boot.

While this unrestricted warfare is being waged against human populations the parade keeps marching on. The same old debates are being waged. A grossly feigned ignorance of the situation continues by the political, media, and corporate class. Politicians and their fans are like the band playing its music to a mind numb audience long after the Titanic hit the iceberg. Even worse, any mention of a life boat causes consternation and discomfort. It is as if pointing out that we hit an iceberg some ways back, and that we can live if we get to the life boats, was enhancing the problem, rather than the solution.

The disconnect between politicians and the electorate continues to widen. This is fueled by the fact that elections are increasingly fake and the means of recourse called the ballot box has vanished. This willful ignorance among politicians is evident in the presidential race. Not once candidate has called out the campaign of biological warfare against the United States. Trump and DeSantis have not admitted this either. It is hard to be America First and look the other way while Americans are being murdered and maimed with biological weapons.  Even RFK Jr. has not admitted the shots are biological weapons.

This appears a global campaign of extermination. The C19 shots are utilizing gene editing technologies and nano particles. These are biological and technological weapons. Yet, we are left with a situation where not one politician in America of any prominence has stated that these are biological and technological weapons. Increasingly, the public is aware that they were lied to, and these injections were not safe nor effective. In fact it is already known that the government hid factual information about the dangerous side effects of these weapons.

Keep in mind, the federal government was aware of the dangers of these shots by the spring of 2021 before the major rollout. Actually, the deep state was aware that these shots were dangerous since mRNA technology was a DARPA project for over a decade.

In a fascination interview with German alternative party member and member of the European parliament, Christine Anderson, she discusses several issues, including the new planned concentration camps called 15 minute cities. Anderson rightly points out the breadth and scope of the totalitarianism is more comprehensive today and with current technology we will not be facing short term totalitarianism like the NAZIs or the Soviets with 70 or 80 years. The current technology enables a near permanent, or at the very least, a tyranny that will last centuries if not longer.

Anderson speaks about her father’s experience and imprisonment in East Germany before finally fleeing to West Germany. She speaks about the government informants and also about why it is important to question everything about government. Anderson also points out that most people would like to think that they would have been in the resistance against the Communists and the NAZIs. However, she highlights the uncomfortable fact that those that have remained silent the past three years, would have remained silent back then too.

Were you an informant? Did you force or coerce a mask on another human being? Did you coerce an injection?

Have you spoken out? Have you become actively engaged in the resistance? Are you doing enough?

These are the questions that each individual must ask themselves. Once the totalitarian mechanisms are firmly in place, they may be impossible to remove. A thousand years of darkness is not unplausible. Although, it may be unlikely that the human race will exist beyond a few generations, other than those kept around as spare parts for the transhumanist technocrats.

These climate change cultists have a deep rooted hatred of humanity and of God. It is as if they seek to purge the planet of humanity. Their twisted transhumanist goals of merging humanity with artificial intelligence seems lifted straight from a C.S. Lewis novel called That Hideous Strength. In this novel the twisted transhumanists believed that they were speaking to artificial intelligence via a decapitated head. It was in fact fallen angels that they were communicating with instead. It is not that difficult to imagine that those waging war against the human race are under the influence of dark entities, or that those looking the other way are under a similar influence.

Whatever the motivation, the fact remains, there is indeed a war for the world that went into full swing in early 2020. The technology being deployed appears to alter DNA and seeks to merge biology with technology. It also is serving a depopulation agenda by increasing mortality and reducing birthrates, not to mention the long term effects that will shorten lifespans in the future. Some have speculated that by altering DNA, in a few generations the human race may actually go extinct.

Running away and hiding is hardly an option. There is nowhere to go. Pretending it isn’t going on may make you feel a little better for a little while, but that is like going to the movies and pretending you don’t have a mortgage payment due.

There is no choice, but to engage. Asymmetrical warfare requires asymmetrical resistance. Creative, active resistance.



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