Emergency Demand Letter send to Mississippi Attorney General to immediately recall and withdraw from the market the dangerous and experimental Covid mRNA shots.


MAY 4, 2023


Janci C. Lindsay, PhD
Director of Toxicology & Molecular Biology Toxicology Support Services, LLC
Website: www.wethepeople50.com
Phone: 832/646-1378

Michael Hamilton, Esq. Cornerstone Attorney
Declare Truth Foundation
Website: www.wethepeople50.com
Phone: 859/655-5455

Carolyn Blakeman
Project Coordinator
Former Feds Group
Website: www.wethepeople50.com
Phone: 713/540-6332

Jackson, MS – Toxicologist and Molecular Biologist Dr. Janci C. Lindsay, PhD, Attorney Bradford Geyer and Carolyn Blakeman of the Former Feds Freedom advocacy group, Mississippi Gubernatorial candidate and founder of Mississippi Against Mandates, Dr. John Witcher M.D., Kelley Collins and Attorney Michael Hamilton of Declare Truth Foundation, together announce the “We the People 50-Recall the Shots” Initiative. “Recall the Shots”, is an initiative to RECALL the COVID genetic vaccines at a State-by-State level, due to the inaction of the FDA and CDC to Seize and Recall these shots due to significant and documented safety concerns, which include overwhelming scientific evidence of contamination, degradation and adulteration of the medical products termed “COVID Vaccines”. An Emergency Referral Letter (see attached) has been sent to Attorney General Lynn Fitch of Jackson, Mississippi to bring to her attention the contamination and degradation of these shots along with the ongoing fraud and misrepresentation of the safety, efficacy and FDA-approval status, of the COVID gene therapy shots available and administered to the public. These shots have been mislabeled and misrepresented as “safe and effective” and “fully approved products” under cGMP compliance, which they are not. This action is brought in order to protect Mississippians from unfair and deceptive business practices that are harming and taking lives.

Besides the inherent lack of safety of the experimental genetic vaccine technology platform, there is recent scientific evidence of contamination of the COVID mRNA shots with the DNA plasmids used to create them, as well as evidence, with failure to ameliorate, of significant degradation of the mRNA within these shots. Batch to batch variation in deaths and injuries, with some batches highly associated with harm, over others, supports lack of cGMP compliance and regulatory oversight. These are clear violations of Good Manufacturing Practice by the manufactures, as stipulated is required by the US Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21 parts 210, 600, 611. There is documented evidence of excessive deaths and disability in the CDC VAERS system attributed to these experimental products, in numbers far above those, that in the past, led to the recall of other shots. For example, in the past, 26 deaths from Guillain-Barre prompted the recall of the swine flu vaccines, while the VAERS system currently lists 35,219 deaths attributed to the COVID genetic vaccines overall. Additionally, there are 65,426 cases of permanently disabled, 3,898 cases of myocarditis and pericarditis in 6 months to 25-year olds, and 44 deaths in children aged 6 months to 12 years old. There are 185 deaths in children 6 months to 17-year olds and 605 permanently disabled in this same age group. These figures in VAERS are known to be under-reported. The risk of harm from these genetic vaccines far outweighs any benefit they were thought to possess, especially for once-healthy children and adolescents who are at essentially zero risk of mortality from COVID, but who are now suffering heart attacks and strokes and dying in their sleep in unprecedented numbers, with no investigations by the CDC and no outrage by the medical community. These deaths and injuries as well as the allegations of contamination, requires that previous precedent be met and prompt, swift action be taken in this matter, to seize and recall these products.

This Demand requires that the Attorney General litigate against the manufacturers and the agencies that did not enforce or comply with these cGMP statutes and seek damages for those harmed as this represents “Willful Misconduct” and is not shielded by the PREP Act. In this letter, we are demanding AG Fitch to recall the shots and open immediate investigations into the contamination findings and the misrepresentations of these shots as being “safe and effective”. Please join “We the People 50-Recall the Shots” to help fund this initiative, to raise awareness about these gene therapy shots and to insist on immediate seizures and recalls of these shots and investigations by Attorney Generals across the country.

For Media Inquiries:
Kelley L. Collins
Collins PR, LLC

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