WOWSER! Fauci Compares Anti-Lockdown MAGA Voters to ‘Theatric’ Gays with HIV Who Vehemently Opposed His Fraudulent AIDS Work

Fauci Redefines ‘Lab Leak’ and Compares Anti-Lockdown MAGA Voters to ‘Theatric’ Gays With HIV.

The National Pulse.

The disgraced yet absurdly wealthy Dr. Anthony Fauci has insisted that his position on the COVID virus – that it was not a lab leak – is correct because someone from the notorious Wuhan lab probably got infected “in the field” before the virus then leaked from a lab. His comments came during an interview where he bizarrely compared anti-lockdown Trump supporters to the “theatric” homosexuals who opposed his HIV work in the 1980s and 1990s.

Fauci – who served as Chief Medical Adviser to President Joe Biden until the end of 2022, and as Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) from the mid-1980s – made the remarks in a lengthy interview with David Wallace-Wells of the New York Times. The reporter even challenges Fauci on his involvement with the Wuhan lab directly – a fact first revealed by The National Pulse:


Wallace-Wells’s insistence of a “large American component to the development of this whole international enterprise, going back several decades” – which Fauci “played a role in developing and funding” – is sure to have rankled the formerly highest paid government bureaucrat.

“All the intelligence groups agree that this was not an engineered virus,” Fauci claimed, in language which will be familiar to conservatives used to establishment figures harping on the “seventeen intelligence agencies” or the “fifty-one former intelligence officials” when pushing various Russia hoaxes.

“[I]f it’s not an engineered virus, what actually leaked from the lab? If it wasn’t an engineered virus, somebody went out into the field, got infected, came back to the lab and then spread it out to other people,” Fauci suggested.

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“That’ ain’t a lab leak, strictly speaking. That’s a natural occurrence,” he insisted, heedless of the fact the “natural occurrence” being described is a virus leaking from a laboratory setting.

The ‘Ultraright MAGA Community’.

Fauci was also pressed on a $120,000-a-year EcoHealth grant to the Wuhan Institute, another series of exclusives first revealed by the crowd-funded National Pulse.

The 82-year-old insisted that, per “all of their progress reports,” the viruses involved in the funded research “could not possibly ever turn into SARS-CoV-2”. His thesis relies on Wuhan researchers being truthful with their American counterparts, of course. A fact that Fauci appears to take for granted despite the lab’s stringent political requirements.

Wallace-Wells noted, “[W]e know that there was a lot of other work being done in Wuhan,” and gently suggested, “[I]f I were you, and I was going to sleep every night thinking that there was even some very small chance that the virus came from a laboratory doing the kinds of research that I had helped promote and fund over the last few decades, I think that might weigh on me a bit”.

“Well, I sleep fine,” Fauci bit back.

The physician-technocrat came across similarly tetchy throughout the interview, with some of his contempt for conservative lockdown and vaccine skeptics coming through in remarks comparing “the ultraright MAGA community with COVID” unfavorably to “theatrics” within “the gay community with H.I.V.”:

The full interview can be read at the New York Times.



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