RFK, Jr. Bashes U.S. Government for Its Lying Leaders and Institutional Mendacity

☕️ TRANSPORTATION ☙ Monday, May 8, 2023

Jeff Childers
Coffee & Covid

🔥 Robert Kennedy, Jr.’s presidential run sure has some interesting features. Kennedy — a long-time, reliable liberal on nearly every issue except vaccines — is still getting plenty of eyeballs despite being told he will never debate Joe Biden in the democrat primaries. And he’s saying some pretty remarkable anti-big-government stuff that I’m guessing most democrats have not heard too often before:

Kennedy is on some kind of a roll. Yesterday, the New York Post ran a startling story headlined, “Robert Kennedy Jr. Blames CIA for JFK Assassination, Fueling Controversial Claim.”

During an interview yesterday with John Catsimatidis on WABC 770 AM’s “Cats Roundtable,” Kennedy explained, “There is overwhelming evidence that the CIA was involved in his murder. I think it’s beyond a reasonable doubt at this point.” He repeated, “The evidence is overwhelming that the CIA was involved in the murder, and in the cover-up.”

Obviously, Kennedy isn’t the only one who believes that the CIA was involved in the JFK assassination. Nor has the democrat party been a stranger to big-government skepticism; after all, democrats came up with all the slogans like “question authority,” “loyal opposition,” and “dissent is patriotism.” But since the Obama administration, when the federal government exploded with new permanent employee hires at a breakneck pace, democrats have seemed just fine with trusting the deep state to support their policy goals.

RFK’s suggestion that the government can’t, in fact, be trusted to tell the truth is a radical, narrative-smashing notion to ordinary democrats. And his head-on assault against the deep state is either deeply heroic or insanely reckless.

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