The Long List of Intolerable and Actionable Abuses Just Keeps Getting Longer

A Long Train of Abuses

Calling for a New Declaration of Freedom


People of the world have suffered a long train of abuses which shall be partly enumerated here, to aid in laying the groundwork for New Declarations of Human Freedom.  Let this serve as an open document, and be adapted and improved as necessary by all peoples.  Please add, edit, repost as needed. 

America was meant to have a representative government with strict limits as imposed by the Constitution, yet we find ourselves in 2023 under tyranny far worse than in 1775.  To wit, the Government of our people has aggrieved us in the following ways:   

Abuses of Government powers:

1.  Passing and enforcing laws which violate the Constitution and our God-given inalienable rights.

2.  Creating public policy in secret, and using outside or foreign advisors in the process.

3.  Allowing a corrupt Judiciary branch, a corrupt Legislature, and a corrupt Presidency, all of which   are beholden to foreign powers and undue influences.  Checks and balances are thus compromised.

4.  Accepting and endorsing votes of the electoral college, while knowing the process was compromised.

5.  Allowing unqualified individuals to hold the office of President and Vice-President.

6.  Allowing imprisonment of citizens without trial.

7.  Taxation without consent, or opt-out conditions, or reasonable limits.

8.  Declaring extended ‘states of emergency’ and emergency powers, for indefinite periods.

9.  Creating vast numbers of offices, agencies, and administrators which burden both the government and the people, and make oversight and accountability impossible.

10.  Wasting trillions of tax dollars on unaccountable projects, illegal foreign conflicts, and corruption, depriving Americans of the benefit of those dollars.

11.  Manipulating foreign trade to circumvent protections and laws, to the detriment of our own people and industries.

12.  Colluding with foreign powers and extradition courts to deny foreign citizens their own due process.

13.  Allowing government agencies to collude with foreign powers, to assassinate our own elected officials, and to conduct acts of terror on our own soil.

14.  Causing the assassinations of foreign individuals, while not being at war with that state.

15.  Altering the outcomes of foreign elections, thus unduly meddling in the affairs of foreign states.

16.  Pursuing research into deadly pathogens and other invasive technologies, which threaten every American and every human being on Earth.

17.  Becoming entangled in foreign treaties without consent of the people.

18.  Reneging on foreign treaties, engendering dishonor on this nation.

Abuses against National Sovereignty:

19.  Ignoring immigration laws, and opposing States in the administration of these laws.  Causing immigration crises where none need exist.

20.  Allowing the border to remain open, and relocating illegal immigrants to the interior of American territory.  Spending tax dollars to house illegal immigrants.

21.  Allowing illegal immigrants to vote, and to obtain identity credentials.

22.  Allowing foreign powers, and foreign companies with ties to foreign powers, to own land on our sovereign soil.

23.  Ceding national sovereignty to international bodies such as the WHO.

24.  Undermining national sovereignty by the allowance of ‘global’ tax.

Abuses against the Armed Forces:

25.  Deploying the Armed Forces, and other mercenary or paramilitary forces, to foreign soil where no conflict existed, and without knowledge or consent of our citizens.

26.  Using the Armed Forces to attack infrastructure of our own allies, for political ends.

27.  Using the Armed Forces to kill our own citizens.

28.  Using the Armed Forces to kill foreign citizens or foreign military members, where no state of war exists.

29.  Using the Armed Forces to force other countries into agreeable compliance with our trade goals.

30.  Subjecting personnel of our Armed Forces to the authority of foreign powers.

31.  Allowing the procurement of substandard materials from foreign states for vital warfighting systems of our Armed Forces, thus reducing our warfighting capability.

32.  Using the Armed Forces to transport illegal goods and assets, and to engage in unauthorized foreign trade of weapons, drugs, Dollars, petroleum fuels, and nuclear fuels.

33.  Using the Armed Forces to train terrorist groups, both abroad and on American soil.

34.  Intentional leaking of military secrets, military plans, and military designs to hostile foreign states, thus reducing the security of our citizens and putting our Armed Forces at risk.

35.  Undermining the Armed Forces by promoting social justice policies over warfighting capabilities, thus reducing the security of citizens.

36.  Allowing soldiers to remain as foreign prisoners of war long after such conflicts were resolved.

Abuses against Citizens and their property:

37.  Actively waging psychological and medical war on American citizens.

38.  Actively burning our lands, destroying our businesses, and gravely damaging our food production.

39.  Actively poisoning its citizens, and seeking to genetically modify its citizens without consent.

40.  Spraying the sky with chemicals and particulates for unknown reasons, and without consent.

41.  Attempting to define and enforce ‘truth’, seeking punitive powers for expressions of ‘untruth’ by citizens, in direct violation of the 1st Amendment.

42.  Colluding with private industry to control or prevent free speech in public forums, in direct violation of the 1st Amendment.

43.  Continually seeking to limit and restrict firearms, in direct violation of the 2nd Amendment.

44.  Targeting citizens with pressure and unequal treatment to punish political views.

45.  Arming and weaponizing many agencies of the government, which are not police or law enforcement, for the express purpose of subjugation of citizens.

46.  Inciting and funding mobs, violent uprisings, and racial tensions among its own citizens, in the pursuit of political ends.

47.  Allowing a private bank to print and supply money, and then decoupling the money system from our national treasury, leading to an unsound financial system that is dangerous to all Americans.

48.  Making the purchase of healthcare policies a mandatory requirement.

49.  Procuring vast swaths of American lands, to prevent ownership of same by American citizens.

50.  Seizing private property wantonly, without justification, and without just compensation.

51.  Offshoring industries to foreign lands as a matter of policy, to prevent American self-reliance.

52.  Placing the rights of animals higher than the rights of people.

53.  Placing environmental concerns higher than the rights of people, and seeking to purposefully depopulate the land.

54.  Seeking to unreasonably control what citizens consume, how they medicate, where they travel, what they say, and what they do.

55.  Seeking to advance technologies that allow the remote manipulation of human thought — putting in peril every American and every human being on Earth.

56.  Placing citizens under a continual state of surveillance, electronic data gathering, and location tracking.

57.  Seeking to eliminate cash and coin as physical mediums of exchange, and to replace them with digital currencies that allow control and tracking of personal spending.

58.  Seeking to implement a permanent pass system to force compliance with mandates and dictates of the Government; a type of ‘mark of the beast’.

People of Earth, people of America, it was not meant to be this way. We have a choice. Sharper minds than mine can poke and massage this list, and hopefully simplify it. Discuss in your local meeting places, and develop action points and proper legal framework for new Declarations of Freedom. The American system is broken, and I would wager that yours is too.

Peace be upon you in Christ,

Visayas Outpost


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