NEVER EVER FORGET to hold them all fully accountable with the severest of consequences!

Never Forget: A Retrospective On The Media Lies Surrounding COVID

Lest we get too comfortable once again and forget that only a couple years ago the western world was on the verge of perpetual medical tyranny, it is important to look back at the massive media disinformation campaign concerning the effectiveness (or lack of effectiveness) of the pandemic mandates and the mRNA vaccines.  Only two years ago, the public was bombarded by possibly the most aggressive global propaganda attack in modern history.  And, this campaign was a conjoined effort between national governments, global institutions and corporations.

Keep in mind, all the hysteria was generated over a virus with a median official Infection Fatality Rate of only 0.23%.  That’s right, all the fear mongering featured in the video below was in reaction to a “pandemic” that 99.8% of the population would easily survive, and this death rate was known only months after the spread started.  Also keep in mind that essentially every single claim made by the media concerning covid featured below ended up being false.  In many cases, the media knew that scientific evidence ran contrary to their narrative, but they promoted that narrative anyway.

Enjoy this flashback of corporate media covid fear mongering, and never forget…


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