The Extremely Grave Consequences of E. Jean Carroll’s False Conviction of Donald Trump

State Rape — the rape culture of the Left

 Donald Trump’s dynamic performance on CNN’s May 10 town hall event occurred in the shadow of a court jury’s finding of liability against him, relating to E Jean Carroll ‘s claim that he “raped” her some decades ago.  “I was not thrown on the ground and ravaged.  This was not sexual,” she explained.

        What makes Carroll’s delusional narrative significant is that any court of law would ever entertain such an obvious fabrication in the first place. Clearly a political tactic, it must not be forgotten that Trump is far from being the only high-profile personality subject to this kind of criminal use of the courts.

        It must therefore be understood that the “legal” tactics being used against Trump for political purposes have become an accepted means of attacking those who oppose the Deep State and the political Left.  Not surprisingly, those most likely to be targeted are those who happen to be Just Right.


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