IS THIS A WARNING of a (False Flag) BOMBING or ATTACK on WASHINGTON DC or Worse? (Video)

Submitted by Harold Saive

CONNECT THE DOTS — Empty U-HAUL truck and NAZI Flag + Missing Ammonium Nitrate Explosives + US Flag up-side-down at the US Capitol building an allusion to Oklahoma City bombing of a federal building by ATF/CIA and falsely blamed on PATSY, Timothy McVeigh.

(Diehold Foundation) Senate gets Satellite phones as emergency COG communication strategy.  Senate gets tour of covert underground COG facilities. Report that Solar flare up-tick is causing disruptions in earths’ magnetosphere that could threaten a repeat of the “Carrington Event” solar flare and geomagnetic storm disaster of 1859 – this time knocking out satellites, power grids, internet and multiple communication networks.

Monitor Diehold Foundation for updates

Major escalation in Russia/Ukraine conflict reported by “Canadian Prepper” Possible Nuke event (See updates on his website)

Monitor Suspicious 0bervers for Frequent Solar and Eathquake updates

Monitor Dutch Since channel – Earthquake upticks as response to increased solar flare activity.

Monitor MrMBB333  channel for frequent updates on Geophysical, solar activity and novel events.

Monitor EARTH MASTER Channel for frequent Earthquake updates

Monitor Diehold Foundation: Solar and Geophysical events




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