The New Zion: Ukraine, Khazaria and Greater Israel

Carlsbad, CA
May 23, 2023

by Rich Scheck

To fully understand the war in Ukraine, I believe one must entertain the notion that the entire ordeal is part of the Globalist Great Reset plan that has the express intention of rebuilding the war-torn nation into Khazaria, i. e. Greater Israel or the New Zion!

A brief perusal of this recent article from VT will serve as an excellent introduction to the topic including its mention of dual citizen (Israeli and Ukranian) Kolomoyski and Chabad-Lubawitch.

A deeper plunge will reference Rabbi Schneerson’s scheme to exploit ancient animosities between Russia and Ukraine as a way of depopulating the region and allowing Jews to pour into the destroyed country so they can establish New Zion or Khazaria, the former homeland of the Ashkenazi (Chabad).

The research of Wayne Madsen, Brendon O’Connell and Steven Ben-nun support this thesis as well as the goal of the Great Reset to use OBOR and the Bunting Cloverleaf to set up key spokes in some futuristic planetary civilization relying on “cyber, the domain of power” and other advanced technologies.

We can see their vision portrayed on a regular basis in many of the Marvel Comics movies that feature AI, Nanotechnology, Robotics, new forms of energy (Vibranium), quantum physics (Sarfatti’s Conscious AI?) and multiple displays of ET craft.

This also helps explain the current revival of the UFO/ET theme since the NY Times article on 12/16/17 as well as the war in Ukraine itself where I suspect a massive Marshall Plan 2 is likely to be implemented following the cessation of fighting in the spirit envisioned by Mackinder’s Heartland Theory which saw Eastern Europe as a major NWO hub.

It’s all quite mind-blowing but a clearer picture is starting to emerge, Phoenix like, out of the ashes of this tragic conflict consistent with these predictions.

Please watch carefully in the coming days and evaluate whether we are witnessing the birth of something positive or some form of Ahrimanic, technological dystopia leading to a soul-destroying transhumanist fate, a bleak Hunger Games scenario I call The Huxwellian World of 2050. (See also the work of DJ Liszt)

Khazaria/Greater Israel will be the New Zion in Europe, the center of a planetary civilization rather than in Africa (Wakanda), Atlantis (Avatar 2), in low-earth orbit (Elysium) or on some inhabitable domain in a different solar system (Dune), perhaps inspired by a deep spirituality. (see Universe of Light; Jenkins and Quinlan)

The competition is on to build this New Zion. Right now the fight for the future is centered in Ukraine. Whether it or some other location will prevail or whether humanity succumbs to the dark Ahrimanic forces described by Rudolph Steiner a hundred years ago that will enslave or destroy us remains to be seen.

With Stanford professor Garry Nolan assuring us aliens are “100%” here now, the relevance of ET visitation in a region where UFOs have been reported over the years including recently, goes beyond the movies and other forms of entertainment as the government goes (kinda) all in with AARO and Congressional hearings
foreshadowing the issue emerging in the 2024 presidential election.

Sadly, history shows that wars are the most frequent route to achieving these bold plans to transform and elevate mankind (See Bramley’s Gods of Eden). Perhaps we can find a saner, less violent way to achieve the same result without all the creative destruction war entails. Perhaps!

More references to come.

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