Ufology Update: Did Musk Sabotage DeSantis?

La Costa, CA
May 25, 2023

by Rich Scheck

Back in 2019, Amazing Polly did one of her deep plunge videos about Julian Assange that
connected many dots including some tenuous ones between Elon Musk and Kamala Harris.

The video has long since been taken down but I did refer to it in my article that ended with a teasing suggestion that it may foreshadow who the Disclosure President would someday be.

When I wrote about the Musk-Harris link 4 years ago, I was being playful about Polly linking them via one of his lawyers who was also on her presidential advisory board and suggested it might mean she would become the Disclosure President.

Now comes Ron DeSantis yesterday with his official presidential announcement in conjunction with Musk’s Twitter only to have technical glitches undermine his attempt to portray himself as a competent administrator.

Was it sabotaged by Musk because of some unknown connections or a hidden agenda? I don’t know.

But this gets extra interesting for those in the UFO Community who are already aware that DeSantis received a $10 million contribution to his recent re-election campaign for Governor of Florida from famous space entrepreneur Bob Bigelow whose lobbying of Harry Reid led to the $22 million funding of the AAWSAP/AATIP efforts to research paranormal and UFO activity in 2007.

Bigelow is a huge proponent of Disclosure and is witnessing the current increase in the public discourse by those in the political class and MSM regarding The Phenomenon with the expectation of its inclusion as a campaign topic in 2024.

Considering Musk’s immense Howard Hughes like image in contemporary cultural and political matters, plus his direct connection to matters of space like Space X and Starlink, it’s possible in today’s world of intrigue that he consciously worked to screw up the DeSantis launch on behalf of Harris or some other candidate he prefers.

Harris is head of The National Space Council and is one of many politicians with an interest in Space and UFOs who entertain presidential ambition. The list includes Harris, Pence, Trump, Rubio, DeSantis, Gillibrand and Gallego. https://www.space.com/national-space-council-vp-kamala-harris

For those doubting the viability of the issue, keep in mind how many dramatic announcements have been forthcoming in recent days. Stanford scientist Garry Nolan is 100% certain aliens walk among us today on Earth. He also briefed Tucker Carlson months ago about astronauts killed or seriously injured by aliens before the former FOX newscaster was booted from his job.

Nolan, Lue Elizondo and Danny Sheehan are forming charities to study UFOs. Sheehan also claims to have interviewed 6 whistleblower witnesses to crashed ET vehicles. Academia and scientists are now legitimizing the topic. Leading Ufologist Steven Greer claims evidence of UFOs being used for drug running and is summoning a legal team for a possible RICO lawsuit against those injured by government agents involved with mishandled secrets.

Top intel officials like AARO’s Sean Kirkpatrick, DNI’s Avril Hanes and Bill Burns of the CIA all met with key Congressional figures last month at Wright Patterson Air Force Base to discuss Chinese weather balloons, the war in Ukraine and the Discord leaks among other national security issues.

I have to include the work of Avi Loeb and his Galileo Project with its keen interest in AI because of his ties to Israel which has its own space program (possibly funded by Jared Kushner and the late Sheldon Adelson) and his past involvement with its Talpiot Program. And then there is that intriguing article he co-authored with Kirkpatrick about Motherships and their mystery probes as well as him volunteering how the UFOs observed over Ukraine were likely “artillery shells!”

Did Musk sabotage DeSantis and is it somehow related to the UFO issue? I have no idea but as the campaign heats up, it will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

More references to follow.

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