PETITION: Tell The CDC to Release Vaccine Injury Data!

Posted by ICAN

Do you want to see a robust study on whether vaccinated (one or more vaccines) or unvaccinated (no vaccines) children have better health outcomes? If so, please sign below to add your voice to demanding the CDC make the data in the Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD) public.

The VSD contains health billing codes and vaccine information for millions of Americans. This data is already stripped of personally identifiable information. In this dataset there are thousands of completely unvaccinated children. It is high time that independent scientists and the public have access to this already deidentified data to compare the health outcomes between unvaccinated children with vaccinated children.

The few such studies conducted to date have found that unvaccinated children have higher rates of chicken pox and pertussis but far lower rates of many forms of chronic health issues. It is critical to further study this issue when the CDC even acknowledges over 50% of children now have a chronic health issue, up from around 12% in the 1980s, and most of the increase are for immune, neurological, or other immune mediated health issues. As even the Institute of Medicine stated in 2013, this study can be conducted using VSD data, and the CDC even drafted a white paper in 2015 on conducting such a study using the VSD. Did the CDC ever conduct the study? We don’t know. But we do know it never published such a study.

It is time to let the data speak! It is time to release the VSD data to independent scientists and the public so they can conduct this study!

Please sign below to add your voice to demand the release of this data. Thank you!


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