Is the Khazarian Cabal really waging war against Gov. DeSantis or…..

…is there a HUGE psyop taking place
for the reasons stated below?

State of the Nation

Let’s be very clear, there’s not a single major black organization in America that doesn’t take their orders by the Khazarian Cabal.

After all, it was the Jews (actually fake Khazarian jews) who established and financed the slave trade … and they have been the true masters of the plantations ever since.

When your slave master of yore is a Khazarian bankster or merchant or moneychanger, they are always in the position to lord it over the African-Americans (and their descendants) who were transported to America like beasts of burden.

What’s the crucial point?

When a so-called black organization like the NAACP issues such a recklessly brazen and patently false warning to all blacks in the world about the freedom state of Florida being “OPENLY HOSTILE” to blacks, you know this declaration originated from their Khazarian overlords.

Which begs the question: Are the Khazarians using this act of social terrorism to stealthily compel/coerce Gov. Ron DeSantis to execute some official directive to benefit any one of their many international crime syndicates?

Or, is the Khazarian Cabal threatening DeSantis with political Armageddon should he continue to challenge their Golden Boy—Donald Trump?!

Perhaps, the Khazarians are very unhappy with the extremely successful anti-LGBT, anti-CRT and other anti-woke legislation being passed by the Florida legislature and signed by enthusiastically DeSantis?!?

Let’s not forget the war that Gov. DeSantis is prosecuting against the most woke and dangerous corporation in America—Disney?!?!  To date, the juicy discovery process of “Disney v. DeSantis” has exposed an out-of-control company that acts like a kingdom (Disney even has their Magic Kingdom in Orlando where many a child has disappeared into thin air!)

But, then, maybe the Khazarian-created Big Pharma and Medical Mafia are super displeased with the many disparaging statements Gov. DeSantis has made against the extremely dangerous and deadly COVID-19 ‘vaccines’?!?!?  Everyone in the Sunshine State has heard by now the good governor pejoratively refer to the Covid vax as the “JAB”.  They have also heard Florida’s Surgeon General Dr. Joe Ladapo issue statement after statement highlighting the extraordinary medical risks and health hazards associated with the “JABS”.

In any case, there’s a war going on across the freedom state of Florida, and it’s likely gonna get ugly—VERY UGLY!

State of the Nation
May 28, 2023

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