Modernity’s Threat To Humanity: The Emerging Transhumanist Nightmare!

Carlsbad, CA
May 30, 2023

by Rich Scheck

Civilization is currently witnessing an unprecedented range of threats stemming in large part from science and technology which are overwhelming the ability of our spiritual and religious resources to constrain them.

Modernity is challenging Humanity’s capacity to soften the impact of these forces and allow us to retain our Souls, our sense of humor and our personal sovereignty.

Many on the Left suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) and believe this kind of authoritarianism is part of the fascist ideology of the Right. But it is those in the Biden Administration promoting this agenda and extreme thinking in the name of combating “disinformation!”

For all his many faults, Trump was never guilty of censorship and merely used strong rhetoric protected by the 1st Amendment regarding “fake news” and the excesses of the Administrative (Deep) State.

Pretty soon, posting such a statement as the one below may be impossible because our government is promoting mind control and censorship:

And if said by a white man, he might end up in jail:

Plus we all seem to be in danger from AI with its potential to create a Transhumanist Nightmare as portrayed in the Hunger Games that echoes what I call the Huxwellian World of 2023!

The issue remains while its urgency increases: what combination of political, religious and cultural resources can be summoned to mollify the technological beast and Ahrimanic forces seemingly bursting to engulf us so we can at least neutralize the “rough beast slouching towards Bethlehem to be born?” (Yeats)


A Country Founded by Geniuses but Run by Idiots

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