Either come down from the mountain
like Moses … … …
or stay in Tallahassee and continue to serve the great state of Florida.


Submitted by An American Patriot 

Governor DeSantis, you are the only POTUS candidate to date who has firmly addressed the single greatest crisis facing the American people.

However, your approach thus far to the devastating agenda of Cultural Marxism is still way too muted to have the meaningful effect that’s now necessary to terminate this terrible scourge nationwide.

As the subtitle of this post states:

“Either come down from the mountain like Moses … … …
or stay in Tallahassee and continue to serve the great
state of Florida.”

For every form of evil and wickedness, now associated with the rapid implementation of the Cultural Marxism agenda, is now irreparably tearing the fabric of American society.  By the way, this nation may already be past the point of no return so the time to act was really YESTERDAY!!!

Therefore, Gov. DeSantis, you have only this chance to arrest this nakedly satanic movement, once and for all.  Truly, you have only one moment to reverse the exceedingly profound and fundamental damage already inflicted on these once United States of America.

In point of fact, there is no other political leader in the USA who has the cojones to take on the 2SLGBTQIA+ movement the way that you have done thus far.  However, your efforts and your successes are quite insignificant compared to the utter destruction wrought by the cultural marxists in all 50 states to date.

Which means that it’s high time to allow your inner MOSES
to fully emerge.

Do you understand that, Gov. DeSantis?!

This is not about winning the 2024 election, as you well know.  This is about using your huge and high POTUS candidacy platform to lay waste to the patently demonic agenda of the communist Left.

That means that the more the CIA’s Mockingbird Media trashes you, the better you are doing.  The more the MSM talking heads are making you their pin cushion, the more effective is your truth campaign.   That means the more you polarize the body politic around transgenderism and the like, the more your vital message is getting across as it must post-haste.

Gov. DeSantis, it appears that you have no idea just how deeply the whole Patriot Movement feels about the swiftly advancing multifarious cultural marxist schemes.

If you knew what We the People (the real people, not fake people) know and feel about the ongoing free-fall collapse of the American Republic due to this deliberately executed societal breakdown, you would understand that there are countless and fearless legions standing behind you—solidly behind you.  And, that we are ready to flex our muscles as never before on U.S. history.

Which means that we desperately need a real leader.

We need a leader who is ready to be the tip of the spear … to sacrifice both hearth and home, both life and limb, for this most serious of noble causes.  That translates to a modern-day Moses who will use his powerful voice to speak truth to power just as the mighty lion’s roar can be heard EVERYWHERE!

By the way, childishly fake conservative Trump is completely AWOL on this issue.  Lifelong Democrat RFK Jr. won’t, and cannot, go anywhere near it as his websites attest to. Which means that only you can come down from the mountain, draped with righteous indignation and fulminating the thunderous truths divinely elucidated by this new 11th COMMANDMENT.


Look it, Governor, that there are several states in the Union which have unconstitutionally legalized infanticide — demoniacally killing newborn babies and calling it a lawful 9-month-term abortion — ought to tell you all you need to know to turn the 2024 election cycle into “thee political nuclear war of the ages”—ALL AGES.

Incidentally, you can only succeed in this great and decisive endeavor by making common cause with President Vladimir Putin.  The American people don’t want war, and certainly not World War, so start out-trumping Donald Trump where it concerns his worthy 24-hour peacemaking initiative to halt the Ukraine War.  Got it?!?!

Now, let’s get busy saving America … so we can then save the entire planetary civilization.

Submitted by An American Patriot 
State of the Nation
June 2, 2023

SOTN Editor’s Update

Gov. DeSantis appears to have read this open letter on the very same day it was sent to him by the tone and tenor of his outstanding “Moses” response recorded in the following video.

Gov. Ron DeSantis Shouts Down Protester: ‘We’re Not Gonna Let You Impose an Agenda on Our Kids’ (Video)





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