Evidence Indicates UKRAINE Blew the Dam to Flood-Out Russian Defenders


A satellite service in France measures the water levels of lakes and water reservoirs like the Nova Khakovka Dam. The data suggests that Ukraine artificially raised the water level in the reservoir to the highest level in 8 years just before the dam was destroyed. Smoking gun?

Last October, the Russian Federation alerted the United Nations they had uncovered a plot by Ukraine to blow the dam, and had begun evacuating about 80,000 people from Kherson to prevent them from being KILLED when the dam was blown.   Russia sked the UN to intervene to prevent what would become a catastrophe if Ukraine carried out the dam attack.   Here is Russia’s letter to the UN:

Moreover, an article in the December 29, 2022 issue of the Washington Post reported back then that Ukraine’s military command considered the option of artificially raising the water level in the Dnipro River as part of the operation to liberate Kherson, Maj. Gen. Andriy Kovalchuk, who led the counteroffensive, said in an interview with the Washington Post on Dec. 29.

The Ukrainians, he said, even conducted a test strike with a HIMARS launcher on one of the floodgates at the Nova Kakhovka dam, making three holes in the metal to see if the Dnipro’s water could be raised enough to stymie Russian crossings, but not flood nearby villages.

The strike on the dam was successful, he said, but its destruction remained a last resort, which was ultimately avoided.

According to Kovalchuk, his task was not only to liberate the territory.

“My task from the start was to occlude and destroy the [enemy] force,” he said.

So last October, Russia warned the UN that Ukraine was planning this  destruction of a civilian dam which would cause catastrophe.   Last December, a Ukrainian military General admitted to the Washington Post they had plans as a “last resort” to bomb the dam.

The French satellite service data shows Ukraine artificially raised the water level behind the dam for months before the dam was blown up, logically to increase the water flow, the subsequent flooding, and death.

Finally, as you read this tory today, June 7, 2023, the sluice gates of Dnepro Hydroelectric Power Station upstream from Kakhovka are still fully open, which is a sure indicator that Ukraine is not interested in slowing down the flood caused by the destruction of Kakhovka dam.  Here’s video of those gates still being open:



So months BEFORE the attack, there was evidence and worry that Ukraine was going to do this.  Months BEFORE the attack Ukraine military admitted they were planning this as a “last resort.”  Months BEFORE the attack, data proves Ukraine artificially increased the water level behind the dam (to worsen the flooding after the attack they were planning) and right now, today, Ukraine has left other dam gates open, upstream, to make certain the flooding stays catastrophic.

Thus, the evidence indicates – at least to me – that Ukraine perpetrated this attack. Yet, headlines in the US mass-media scream that “U.S. Intelligence Agencies say Russia Blew up the Dam”

It seems that U.S. Intelligence Agencies are far from “intelligent” because they ignore/deny the actual evidence.


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