The world just got a LOT weirder with this Khazarian-directed global psyop.

The “Travis Scott” Black Op & Psyop
is MUCH scarier than anyone knows.

SOTN Editor’s Note: In certain circles of ancient pyramid esoterica, it’s well known that the Great Pyramid of Giza is absolutely not a burial edifice or funerary pyramid for an Egyptian pharaoh.  Some knowledgeable scientific researchers and experienced artifact investigators have gone so far as to posit the possibility that the three pyramids at Giza were originally constructed to function as an ancient alien-controlled energy generator and transmitter and/or disseminator.  Which brings us to the crazy drama surrounding the appearance of American rapper Travis Scott at the Giza venue to conduct a major ‘UTOPIA’ concert.  This satanic rapper’s reputation’ for demonic behavior already precedes him as described in his Wikipedia page.

Incidents at performances

Scott’s performances have experienced a number of issues. At Lollapalooza in 2015, Scott was charged and arrested for disorderly conduct after inciting concertgoers to ignore security and rush the stage.[176] That same year, at the Openair Festival in Switzerland, he encouraged fans to attack a man who took his shoe while he was crowd-surfing, by stopping the concert and repeatedly telling the crowd to “fuck him up”, while also spitting on him.[177]

In 2017, he was arrested for similar conduct to his Lollapalooza behavior after a performance in Northwest Arkansas.[178] That same year, a fan sued Scott and the organizers of a 2017 concert at Terminal 5 in Manhattan after falling from a balcony and being dragged on stage, blaming the fall on a crowd surge.[179] In 2019, three people were trampled and injured as a crowd rushed to enter the compound at Astroworld.[180][181]

Astroworld Festival crowd crush

On November 5, 2021, at least ten people died and hundreds were injured in a crowd crush moving toward the stage during Scott’s performance at the Astroworld Festival in NRG Park in his hometown of Houston, Texas.[15] On the first night, a crowd crush occurred, resulting in the deaths of at least nine people and the cancellation of the second night of the festival.[14][182][13] In video footage of the incident, Scott is seen doing the following: continuing to perform despite chants from the crowd pleading for him to stop; observing at least one audience member had been hurt, then ordering security for a brief moment to “help, jump in real quick, keep going”, only to continue with the rest of the show for the following hour; encouraging people to “get wild” and “crazy”, despite an ambulance passing through the crowd that was pulling out lifeless bodies.[183][184] Victims killed ranged from 9 to 27 years old.[185]

In the aftermath of the crush, news outlets highlighted Scott’s history of dangerous disregard for audience safety. Rolling Stone featured a statement from a fan who had been paralyzed during a 2017 show;[186]The New York Times took note of Scott’s 2015 guilty plea for reckless endangerment after he encouraged fans to climb security barricades;[187] a Los Angeles Times article contained analysis by safety experts arguing that the deaths were preventable.[188] Shortly after, a lawsuit was announced by the concertgoers. It was started by Kristian Paredes, who filed for $1,000,000 due to the injuries he received.[13]

So, it ought to be very clear that this very BAD rapper is not only a dangerous crazymaker by choice, but also a psychopathic nutcase who ought to be in a penal institution for the criminally insane.

However, believe it or not, that’s not the worst of it.  Everything points to the great likelihood that Scott’s masters are well aware of the extraordinary power of the very unique venue at Giza.  Surely his Khazarian handlers are well aware that the amplification of extremely negative energy can be beamed across the planet by using the Great Pyramid at Giza in a specific way.  And we know the Khazarian Cabal possesses the necessary dark occult knowledge as explained here:  THE. WHOLE. MEGILLAH.

KEY POINT: The six-four thousand dollar question here is how in the world did a 32-year-old black American rapper, who’s an obvious narcissistic sociopath and unprosecuted homicidal maniac, secure a gig at the most powerful venue on the planet?!?! 


Even today, searching online for the status of this Travis Scott Utopia concert at Giza only produces conflicting reports about whether it’s been canceled or not.  The controlling Egyptian labor union says that it’s been cancelled while various news reports indicate that it’s still on.

It appears that the Khazarians are working their black magic overtime to make sure this global psyop takes place as scheduled on one of their occult-selected days.  All of the controversy surrounding this event only gets weirder by the day.  It’s as though the power elite really need the malign influences and energies associated with this single black op before they can proceed with their next profound assault on the collective consciousness of humanity.

State of the Nation
July 21, 2023

N.B. The post below provides some added perspective to this unparalleled psyop brought to you by the U.S. Intelligence Community.

Jeff Childers
Coffee & Covid

🔥 I’m not sure what this next story about U.S rap artist Travis Scott’s cancelled Egyptian tour is all about, but it strangely interfaces with our normal C&C coverage topics in two places. Here’s the headline, from I24 News: “Egypt cancels Travis Scott pyramid concert claiming he is a ‘Freemason’.” The sub-headline provided more detail: “Egyptian authorities prevented the American rap sensation from performing near the Giza pyramids because he ‘performs Satanic rites during his shows’.”

Well, at least the Egyptians care.

It’s a bizarre story all by itself, but the rap artist had also recently appeared here in C&C, due to his 2021 Astroworld performance. The show rapidly became a mass casualty event with at least 8 people dead plus an unknown number of cardiac arrests and other medical incidents — the first of several recent, mysterious mass casualty events. Unlike the more recent examples, Travis’s 2021 show did, as the Egyptians noted, feature occult and Satanic themes, and I’m baffled why this type of thing is considered tolerable nowadays and no longer grounds for being immediately driven out of polite society here in the United States.

The second interesting connection was that Scott’s now-cancelled Egyptian performance was intended launch his new album, “Utopia.” That is curious because, as mentioned in C&C several times over the last couple years, ‘Utopia’ was also the name of the prophetic but ultra-violent 2020 television show starring John Cusack as a genocidal maniac who engineered a fake virus followed by a cabal-led depopulation event, delivered via vaccine, intended to save the Earth’s delicate climate. I’m sure that doesn’t sound familiar at all. 2020’s HBO version of Utopia, which only ran for a single season during the first year of the pandemic, prior to the vaccine rollout, itself sprang from an original BBC show by the same name that ran 2012-2014.

Ironically, Utopia’s gimmick was that the cabal disclosed its plans ahead of time — in the media — through a comic-book series. If you don’t get the irony, just think about it for a second.


Anyway, it just seems weird that, after experiencing the Astroworld disaster, including civil lawsuits and a grand jury proceeding, the rap artist would choose “Utopia” as his new album name. He clearly doesn’t mean “utopia” in any positive, uplifting way: the man was just canceled by Egypt for Satanism.

I have no idea what it all means. But I thought it was an interesting confluence of covid concepts. Maybe you guys can tie it all together in the comments.


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