OPERATION INCINERATE LAHAINA: Secret Details of the “Shock and Awe” Execution Plan

A Gladio-style
U.S. Military Executed, 

Advanced AI-Driven,
Full Spectrum Attack
Against Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii 
With Multiple Goals & Objectives

*Click on the video below to view the pervasive and profound destruction of Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii.

Please view this video to grasp the sheer enormity and gravity: APOCALYPTIC! Sailboat Video Documents Lahaina’s Orchestrated Firestorms

Submitted by Maui Massacre Investigation Team
SOTN Exclusive

The following once confidential intel report was sent to the Maui Massacre Investigation Team for dissemination.

For everyone’s information, whenever highly classified  information and data like this is allowed to be leaked, it because the perps at the very top of the black operation want the public to know about it.  This is their way of telling every single political leader in America, and beyond, that they can incinerate your jurisdiction, too, should you stray from the New World Order reservation.  In other words, non-compliance with the globalist agenda will be dealt with severely and swiftly as follows.

Every major U.S. Military Operation has both a public and private code name. According to our insider sources and we have multiple, the actual secret code name of the highly organized and long planned black operation to incinerate Lahaina is: OPERATION INCINERATE LAHAINA.

What the whole world witnessed via the Internet in Maui on Tuesday, August 8, 2023, was nothing short of a full-scale military assault on the “census-designated place” known as Lahaina.

This was a highly coordinated military operation which utilized a multi-pronged strategy and numerous battlefield tactics, all designed to completely destroy the targeted city as quickly and efficiently as possible.

In short, this was a military experiment.  It was a dress rehearsal for many similar ops that will likely be executed around the world with the same precision and cold calculation.

The primary perpetrators at the purely operation level operated in total secret in an Operation Gladio-type of virtual space which functions under the command of NATO (aka the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization).  In this way, the U.S. Armed Forces enjoy “plausible deniability” even though they are pushing the buttons by remote.

The many techniques and technologies that were employed are tried and tested acts of pyroterrorism which have been used for decades, especially in war zones such as the Vietnam War, Iraq War and Afghanistan War.

The  immediate goal was the total destruction of as much of Lahaina as possible as rapidly as possible, which was accomplished.

Much of the full spectrum military approach that was utilized was achieved by remote.  It was purposefully carried out in this manner so as to leave the fewest number of fingerprints at the massive crime scene.

Of course, there are digital signatures all over this black op that will be ferreted out by the best cyber investigators.

Also, the many Hawaiian leaders, Mauian authorities, and especially the Lahainan officials on the ground who transparently screwed up, were either told to do so or permitted to do so as a way for the higher level perps to deflect blame and avoid all culpability for this deliberately planned mass casualty event.

As for the main reason why the U.S. Military demolished Lahaina, it has to do with something you never hear about.  Look around the USA and see where all of the U.S. Navy and Air Force bases are located.  They’re always sited in the most plum locations—Pearl Harbor, San Diego, Coronado, Ventura County, Key West, Pensacola, Jacksonville, Norfolk, etc.  Well, the Pentagon just grabbed Lahaina to install a “Joint Services military intelligence base”. 

Rebuilding Maui As An Military Intel Hub

There’s obviously much more to OPERATION INCINERATE LAHAINA which will be covered in a subsequent exposé.  

— Veteran Intelligence Analyst & Former U.S. Military Officer

MO of Pyroterrorism

What follows are the generic pyroterrorism, geoterroism and geoengineering protocols which have been used throughout various North American jurisdictions for decades whenever the U.S. Military has been ordered to expeditiously force the residents off their lands and out of their properties, as well as move all the citizens out of a town.

Atmospheric Aluminum (a Powerful Fire Accelerant)
via Widespread Chemtrail Spraying

HAARP Frequencies especially Satellite-based

Weaponized SMART Meters Exploding Homes,
Stores and Office Buildings

Weaponized SMART Vehicles So They Exploded Like Bombs

Specific EMFs Disseminated from Cellphone Towers

Microwave Weapons (i.e. DEW) Operating from
GWEN Towers and Microwave Towers

Localized mini-EMPs Set Off by Remote Facilities

Directed Energy Weapons (e.g. Lasers) Fired
from Drones, 
Satellites, Air Force
Aircraft and Naval Ships

Arsonists Disguised as Police Officers, Firefighters
and Other First Responders

Fire-starting Incendiary Devices such as
Plastic Sphere Dispensers routinely
used for Controlled Burns

Miniature Drone Flamethrowers Operated
by Remote by U.S. Military Personnel

Gross Intentional Mismanagement of
Parks, Forests, 
Grasslands & Brush

Deliberately Overloaded Power Lines (Under
Hawaii Electric Management)

Sabotaged Power Lines and Exploding Transformers
by Gladio Agents

Various Chemical Geoengineering Programs,
Weather Modification Techniques &
Climate Engineering Technologies
(Source: Here’s how the NWO pyroterrorists actually
started and spread the MAUI firestorms

The Lahaina Scheme

Then there are the specific measures and means by which the harbor town of Lahaina was both set up and devastated via various highly effective “means and measures”.

  4. TRANSFORMERS that exploded like BOMBS
  5. CHEMTRAILS — the day the attacks happened, Lahaina was sprayed with a low layering of chemtrails — ALUMINUM, BARIUM, NANO PARTICLES that can exploded along with 5G DIRECTED RADIATION MICROWAVES or DIRECT ENERGY WEAPONS or TRANSFORMER = EXPLOSIONS THAT ACT AS ELECTRICAL BOMBS.
  6. The DEEP STATE ordered POLICE to close down roads and barricades and block the people trying to escape.
  8. WARNING SIRENS to be turned off through the city and island.
  9. The elites OFF the island were WARNED IN ADVANCE and left the city.

(Source: Lahaina Targeted with Highly Advanced Full Spectrum Warfare)


Lahaina will go down in history as Hawaii’s false flag, “9/11” terror attack.

It was a conspicuous inside job from start to finish, just like the false flag terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

“False flag” in this particular case because Mother Nature is getting blamed along with a bunch of  grossly incompetent and criminally negligent officials, instead of NATO and the U.S. Military.

Of course, the military brass and their highly trained terrorists are only the executioners who dutifully carry out the orders of their Khazarian masters.

Maui Massacre Investigation Team
State of the Nation
August 20, 2023

Video Credit

The White-Hot Fuel of the Maui Firestorm

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