Why the government wants to get rid of “mom and pop” businesses.

Who the government regulates the government manipulates.

US government regulates/manipulates corporations.  For example forcing auto companies to produce EV autos. The US government cannot regulate/manipulate a business that is not incorporated (sole proprietor/mom and pop).  The US government will not be happy unless it can control/regulate and manipulate EVERY business so they have to crush individual businesses. COVID lockdowns got rid of a lot of them.

One of the most obvious instances of manipulation/control of business during COVID was with Lowe’s/Home Depot “big box” stores.  The two stores have forever sold “dust masks”.  In their employee training manuals, for many years prior to COVID, both stores educated their employees on the product specifics.  Their own training manuals on “dust masks”  relay that the “blue dust masks” do not provide adequate protection for any small particles.  The training manual then extols the greater benefit of the N-95 but with the proper warning that N-95 is regulated by OSHA and can only be worn under strict conditions, misuse can cause illness or death.

Given that these two stores know the exact specifics (and dangers) of “dust masks” why did they both demand that we put one on our faces to shop at those stores?  It says right in their training manuals that they offer NO protection.  They did it because ALL corporations must obey the US government.

“Mom and pop’s” self regulate. Many did not require masking. Can’t have that now can we? “Mom and pop’s” accept cash payments leaving “big banks” out of the transaction.  Can’t have that now can we?  “Mom and pop’s” can barter. Definitely can’t have that.  And don’t even think that it’s OK to have a family member fill in if needed without being paid.

Just remember, according to .gov individual rights must be subjugated “for the greater good”.   They just don’t define the “greater good” for whom individuals must subjugate themselves for.  Is the “greater good” whatever facilitates the rich to get richer?

Submitted by CeaClearly

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