VIVEK: A very stealth and deceptive Manchurian Candidate just like Obama

Vivek is a trojan horse specifically aimed at Governor DeSantis because they are more afraid of him than Trump.  DeSantis actually made statements and followed up in the face of real opposition.  Pornographic books are being removed from Florida schools.  Where else is that happening?  He is effective where Trump was ineffective in many ways.  Vivek shoots his mouth off. 

Who knows what he will actually do.  But his history of fraud in IPOing and pumping and dumping a known failed Alzheimer drug which became the basis for his fortune gives you a clue.  Interestingly, he was critically helped by his mother the same as was Bill Gates.

He was specifically selected because he is a good speaker and DeSantis is not.  And he is unprincipled where DeSantis is principled.  I don’t really think Vivek cares whether he wins or not, only that he damages his target.  If he was honestly interested in a career in politics to accomplish what he claims, he would not so quickly dismiss the chance to be VP.

So look at expectation value in his promises – his opportunistic promises against the probability that he will follow through.

Comment submitted by Hongdo



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