Plandemic 2.0 & OPERATION SCARIANT 2023

13 Reasons Why The Plandemic 2.0 Perps Are Launching The Eris Bioweapon Right Now

State of the Nation

Plandemic 2.o is an integral piece of the Great Reset implementation plan and New World Order agenda to be executed this Fall of 2023.

OPERATION SCARIANT, which features the extremely ‘scary’ Omincron subvariant known as Eris, is the main show for folks who are still captivated by this ridiculous government-sponsored but extremely serious genocidal enterprise.

The timing of the Eris roll-out could not be better and more necessary for the NWO bioterrorists who are hellbent on locking down the planet again … as well as keeping themselves from being HANGED LIVE ON THE INTERNET for committing mass murder.

PLANDEMIC 2.0: Featuring the Omicron EG.5.1 Scariant

That the Plandemic 2.o perps are even attempting to foist the whole COVID-19 tyranny on the 50 states yet again is truly a measure of their sheer desperation and over-riding fear.  For only extreme fear would compel those executioners to perpetrate yet another genocide via a poisonous mRNA ‘vaccine’ — IN BROAD DAYLIGHT — in spite of the fact that so many folks now know the murderous game plan.

12 Reasons Why The Plandemic 2.0 Perps Are Launching The Eris Bioweapon Right Now

(1) To cover up the massive excess death numbers directly resulting from the ongoing Covid vaccine genocide across America (and global depopulation scheme)

(2) To stealthily kill vaccinated children who are now much more vulnerable to the bacterial infections associated with Eris (aka Omicron [B.1.1.529] a subvariant of SARS-CoV-2

(3) To intensify the slow-motion slaughter of vaccinated 20 to 45 year-olds who are now much more susceptible to myocarditis, pericarditis, blood clots and other fatal heart ailments

(4) To further turbo-charge the numerous medical ailments and health conditions, chronic diseases and autoimmune syndromes, psychological disorders and psychiatric illnesses across the entire population, all of which have seen HUGE upticks post-Covid vaccination

(5) To murder as many retirees as possible in order to reduce the Social Security & Disability, Medicare and Medicaid rolls

(6) To massacre as many individuals, who suffer from multiple comorbidities and/or terminal diseases, who are still living after Plandemic 1.0

(7) To eliminate as many Baby Boomers as possible as well as the Beat Generation elderly, especially the anti-establishment types 

(8) To provide maximum distraction from the many Democrat crime sprees being investigated by the House

(9) To divert the attention of the electorate from the multiple crime waves perpetrated by the Biden Crime Family and especially by the POTUS Imposter and Criminal-in-Chief 

(10) To create maximum chaos, confusion and conflict throughout the last year of the 2024 election cycle so that the Democrats can steal yet another POTUS election, as well as to set the stage for a long-planned American bolshevik revolution

(11) To provide a pretext to deploy yet another highly weaponized and lethal Covid ‘vaccine’ by which to rapidly intensify Plandemic 2.0.

(12) To significantly supercharge the previously administered killshots, clotshots and cancershots thereby increasing SADS and SIDS as well as  excess deaths across the board

(13) To sufficiently scare the American people back into the same space of extreme fear and anxiety about the COVID-19 contagion so they will fully submit to the Covid Super Vaccination Agenda (and demand that everyone they know get vaxxed to the max)  

~~~ END OF STORY ~~~

State of the Nation
September 2, 2023

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