These Are The Richest Billionaires In Each US State

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The State-by-State Breakdown

According to Forbes, just four states are home to 61% of the country’s billionaires: California (179), New York (130), Florida (92), and Texas (73).

Here’s a closer look at the data on who takes the title of the richest in each state:

Name State Residence Net Worth (Est.) Source of Wealth
Jimmy Rane Alabama Abbeville $1.2 B Lumber
Arturo Moreno Arizona Phoenix $4.8 B Billboards, Los Angeles Angels
Jim Walton Arkansas Bentonville $64.4 B Walmart
Larry Page California Palo Alto $105.0 B Google
Philip Anschutz Colorado Denver $10.8 B Energy, sports, entertainment
Ray Dalio Connecticut Greenwich $19.1 B Hedge funds
Ken Griffin Florida Miami $32.7 B Hedge funds
Dan Cathy, Bubba Cathy, and Trudy Cathy White Georgia Atlanta $11.0 B Chick-fil-A
Larry Ellison Hawaii Lanai $146.0 B Oracle
Frank VanderSloot Idaho Idaho Falls $3.2 B Nutrition, wellness products
Lukas Walton Illinois Chicago $22.9 B Walmart
Carl Cook Indiana Bloomington $10.3 B Medical devices
Harry Stine Iowa Adel $6.9 B Agriculture
Charles Koch Kansas Wichitia $56.9 B Koch Industries
Tamara Gustavson Kentucky Lexington $7.3 B Self storage
Gayle Benson Louisiana New Orleans $4.7 B New Orleans Saints
Susan Alfond Maine Scarborough $2.7 B Shoes
Annette Lerner & family Maryland Chevy Chase $6.3 B Real Estate
Abigail Johnson Massachusetts Milton $21.0 B Fidelity
Daniel Gilbert Michigan Franklin $19.5 B Quicken Loans
Glen Taylor Minnesota Mankato $2.6 B Printing
Thomas Duff & James Duff Mississippi Hattiesburg $2.3 B Tires, diversified
John Morris Missouri Springfield $8.3 B Sporting goods retail
Dennis Washington Montana Missoula $6.4 B Construction, mining
Warren Buffet Nebraska Omaha $117.0 B Berkshire Hathaway
Mirian Adelson & family Nevada Las Vegas $36.2 B Casinos
Rick Cohen & family New Hampshire Keene $18.8 B Warehouse automation
Rocco Commisso New Jersey Saddle River $8.0 B Telecom
Ron Corio New Mexico Albuquerque $1.7 B Solar
Michael Bloomberg New York New York City $94.5 B Bloomberg LP
James Goodnight North Carolina Cary $9.3 B Software
Gary Tharaldson North Dakota Fargo $1.2 B Hotels
Lex Wexner & family Ohio New Albany $6.0 B Retail
Harold Hamm & family Oklahoma Oklahoma City $18.5 B Oil & gas
Phil Knight & family Oregon Hillsboro $41.8 B Nike
Jeff Yass Pennsylvania Haverford $28.5 B Trading, investments
Jonathan Nelson Rhode Island Providence $3.1 B Private equity
Robert Faith South Carolina Charleston $5.2 B Real estate management
T. Denny Sanford South Dakota Sioux Falls $2.0 B Banking, credit cards
Thomas Frist Jr. & family Tennessee Nashville $22.3 B Hospitals
Elon Musk Texas Austin $230.0 B Tesla, SpaceX
Gail Miller Utah Salt Lake City $4.2 B Car dealerships
John Abele Vermont Shelburne $1.9 B Healthcare
Jacqueline Mars Virginia The Plains $39.4 B Candy, pet food
Jeff Bezos Washington Medina $149.0 B Amazon
John Menard Jr. Wisconsin Eau Claire $18.1 B Home improvement stores
John Mars Wyoming Jackson $39.4 B Candy, pet food

Many billionaires in the U.S. are extremely well-known, such as California’s Larry Page, New York’s Michael Bloomberg, or Washington state’s Jeff Bezos.

Interestingly, Bill Gates doesn’t take the top spot as the richest billionaire in Washington because Bezos has a higher net worth—$149 billion vs. Gates’ $104 billion—although they do live in the exact same town of Medina, WA.

Nearly every state is home to at least one billionaire, some far wealthier than others, like Nebraska’s Warren Buffett ($117 billion), compared to Alabama’s Jimmy Rane ($1.2 billion). Some new states, which gained billionaires this year include Alabama, New Hampshire, and Vermont.



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