Here’s why the ADL is the most hated Jewish-run censorship organization and hate group in America today!

Comment posted uder a TJP article titled: Elon Musk vows defamation lawsuit against ADL: ‘The irony!’

by AJ Cooke

Article is inaccurate. Hashtag was started by UFC fighter Jake Shields. Also: I work in American right-wing + anti-war spaces and attempt to deradicalize antisemites whenever I find them. It’s easer than you’d think: most are just working poor who feel marginalized and will open their minds if you calmly discuss their inconsistencies (i.e. believing that Soros and Bibi are aligned).

That work is made infinitely harder by organizations like the ADL and SPLC, who actively work with major corporations and law enforcement to smear/silence dissent to Democratic Party ideals. I’m not even talking about support for Israel, as the ADL is notably silent when left-wing black activists spread virulent antisemitism/Anti-Zionism. The ADL demonizes anyone who supports the most bare limits on illegal immigration or opposition to child sex-change surgery – positions I’m sure most JPost readers would be at least sympathetic to.

You have no idea how frustrating it is to try to convince people that “Jews don’t control the media” when the ADL successfully censors anyone to the right of Karl Marx and that “Jews don’t control the banks” when the ADL successfully lobbies financial institutions to close the personal bank accounts of political dissidents

The ADL is also a moser organization: they work with feds to silence/oppress mainstream right-wing Jews like Chaya Raichik and Ben Shapiro. If that’s shocking to Israelis, imagine how shocking that is to Americans with our First Amendment history!


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