Alt Media begins to investigate the devastating “WEAPONIZED WEATHER” aimed at Florida

In Florida, the last three hurricanes arrived with such precision and destruction that many now believe the government is WEAPONIZING weather

Ethan Huff
Natural News

According to State of the Nation, the three most recent hurricanes to devastate Florida were “geoengineered superstorms designed to inflict maximum damage on a targeted coastline.”

Whether intentional to cause damage or simply an experiment to see how their newfangled weather weapons work, Florida’s most recent storms appear to be military operations “using different techniques and / or progressively increasing power as a barbaric test on both environment and people.”

State of the Nation is confident declaring this because each of the past three major hurricanes to hit Florida shows “hallmark signatures of a manufactured frankenstorm that is quite obviously steered and intensified at just the right time to catch the victimized communities completely off guard.”

“The only exception is the currently active Hurricane Idalia as it careens through the eastern Florida Panhandle. While there seems to be no last-minute trick to this mega-hurricane so far, it was quite quickly and methodically intensified into a Cat 4 and aimed at the single most vulnerable coastline in Florida.”

Weather manipulators timed Hurricane Dora to feed the flames of the Lahaina disaster

Before Idalia, it was Hurricane Ian that hit Southwest Florida last September. Before that it was Hurricane Michael, which devastated Florida in October of 2018.

Then there is Hurricane Ivan, which hit the Pensacola area in September of 2004, and the infamous Hurricane Andrew, which wrecked the coastline south of Miami back in 1992.

Whether all of these hurricanes were geoengineered weather weapons or not, there are certainly questions that deserve answers pertaining to the pinpointed devastation that seemed to occur.

With the exception of Andrew, which may have occurred before the advent of weather manipulation, Idalia, Ian, and Michael all tracked in such a way that some are convinced they were geoengineered.

Then we have what State of the Nation calls the “brazen geoterrorist attack on Maui,” which involved the use of directed energy weapons (DEWs). That incident occurred at the same time as Hurricane Dora, which “fed the flames of the arson-triggered firestorms that burned down Lahaina.”

“Those high winds gave the NOW (new world order) pyroterrorists plausible deniability, which has served them well in light of so much hard evidence of a full-blown, military-conducted geoterrorism operation throughout Maui on that fateful Tuesday, August 8, 2023.”

Considering Idalia struck an area that has not seen a storm this large since the late 1800s, it is especially suspicious – that and the fact that the storm caused a large oak tree in front of the governor’s mansion to split in half and fall on the house while Gov. Ron DeSantis and his family were inside.

Was Idalia and the wreckage it caused intentional or just a coincidence? Was the storm an act of God or was it an intentional act of geoengineered weather manipulation and warfare against the people of Florida?

“Of course, the chaos and confusion from an overwhelming wind storm on a highly exposed island or coastal community provide further cover for the terrorists to commit all manner of sabotage and damage,” State of the Nation further stressed.

“If they can take out a whole town in a flash like the NWO perps did in Maui, why do folks not see the same pattern with the unrelenting weather warfare directed at the Freedom State of Florida?!”

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