DON’T BE DECEIVED! The Zionist War on Anti-semitism is really a war on all Gentiles, especially the white Christian nations.

War on Antisemitism Is War on Gentile Society

A New York rabbi explains where antisemitism lurks, gives examples, and claims the right to decide what is and isn’t antisemitism. I explain the danger of New York rabbis.


I spend a lot of time thinking and writing about the Khazar menace and the similarities between the lead up to the Russian catastrophe in 1917 and our own position today. Our situation is dire, of course, and, in some ways, ours (and the West’s in general) is worse than the Russians’ was. However, keep reading, as we have one major advantage the Russians didn’t.

The year 2020 was a watershed year in the process of our subjugation. In the spring of 2020, the ability to compel mass obedience was demonstrated. In the summer of 2020, it was shown the shock troops can be mobilized at will and cities burning within hours. In the fall of 2020, our democratic control of the government—already just hanging on by a few threads—was permanently removed. Our CheKa is already operational, as shown by the FBI’s continuing arrests—more than a thousand, so far—of the unarmed J6 protesters. Moreover, the FBI is already a secret political police, as shown by its collaboration with Khazar extremist organizations like the SPLC and the ADL. Our judicial system is now, for the most part, in open alliance with our enemies, as demonstrated by the kangaroo indictments of Donald Trump and the disparities in outcomes between J6 protestors, who are receiving outrageous prison terms of up to 17 years for breaking windows or moving police barricades, and George Floyd protestors, who are receiving monetary awards of millions of dollars for the same crimes. Khazar control of the popular press as well as the top universities is very nearly total and Congress is essentially an expensive rubber stamp. Our religion is impotent—our churches empty and duped if not outright collaborative. Our borders are open, our youth are dispirited, and our military—woke, purged, and depleted—remains in the service of Khazar Israel. We are well and truly caught in the serpent’s coils.

A major step on the road to our “utter destruction” as commanded in Deuteronomy would be the ability of the Khazars to order mass arrests, without needing to show cause, of any group of people—all the members of the NRA, for example, or all the parents in a recalcitrant school district, or all the white supremacists in Brooklyn. For this, there needs to exist crimes that can be applied to any person, group, or circumstance. In Russia, the Khazars devised criminal designations such as “enemy of the people” and “counterrevolutionary” that could be applied to anyone, anywhere, at any time, and for any reason (like they had something worth stealing). These crimes carried an immediate death sentence. Entire peasant villages in Russia were slaughtered under campaigns to liquidate the bourgeoisie.

Residents of apartment building being loaded into truck at night.
One short. Go back inside and grab whoever you see first. Drawings from the Gulag. Danzig Baldaev

One such capital crime in Russia that we’ll very likely see here in the United States if we don’t derail this train is the crime of “antisemitism.” The National Campaign to Counter Antisemitism (NCCA), unveiled in May by the Biden Administration, is a major step toward implementing the mechanism for that.

Under the NCCA, Americans will, for the first time ever, be funding a propaganda campaign targeting themselves and conducted explicitly on behalf of one specific ethnic group. As one would expect, that group is the one in power. It will now be US government policy to “broaden appreciation of Jewish American heritage.”

Jews are the group in America you might least expect to complain they aren’t flattered enough. A search on the IMDb website for films with the word “Jewish” in the plot summary produces 5,995 titles. Movies, probably the most effective propaganda tool in existence, portray Jews in such a uniformly positive way that when Spike Lee portrayed two Jews as racist, unscrupulous, Brooklyn sharks exploiting black talent in 1990’s Mo’ Better Blues, the wave of condemnation reduced him to writing an apology editorial for the New York Times titled “I Am Not an Antisemite.” Mo’ Better Blues was the exception that proved the rule.

Meanwhile, the top rated movie on IMDb, 1994’s Shawshank Redemption, presents the repellent and evil prison warden as a corrupt, semiliterate, Bible-thumping Christian who gratuitously quotes scripture as he goes about torturing and murdering prisoners. And there are, of course, many similarly unflattering portrayals of Christians in film.

What can explain Hollywood’s overwhelmingly positive portrayal of Jews? Perhaps the author of Henry Ford’s The International Jew explains it correctly:

Fewer than any race whose presence among us is noticeable, they [Jews] receive daily an amount of favorable publicity which would be impossible did they not have the facilities for creating and distributing it themselves.

Yet, even though Jews have flattered themselves in 5,994 Hollywood movies (and disparaged Christians in, I’m guessing, roughly as many), Jewish zealots like Deborah Lipstadt are now demanding to be flattered by taxpayers, too.

Ask yourself what kind of person compels flattery? The answer is the tyrant, the despot, the cruel, mentally unwell sadist with the power to enforce it. Yet, when unbalanced Jews like Debbie Wasserman-Shultz demand our tax money be used to flatter them, instead of providing them with the mental health services they need, our abjectly servile government obeys.

And paying for the flattery of Jews isn’t the only propaganda we’ll be funding under the NCCA. We’ll also be paying the government to “increase awareness and understanding of antisemitism, including its threat to America.” In other words, amidst all this flattery of Jews, we will also be taught that any unflattering view of Jews puts us in danger.

I’ve written before of the giant social menace that the very concept of antisemitism is, how it is a bogeyman meant to frighten and silence—a figment of the imagination required under Jewish law as a condition of being a Jew.

For a devout Jew, antisemitism is a permanent feature of gentile society—part of the atmosphere.

But don’t take my word for it. Rabbi Diana Fersko, who leads the Village Synagogue in Manhattan, in an interview published two weeks ago in the Jewish Telegraph Agency titled “A rabbi answers her congregants’ question: Why do they hate us?” said that almost all the teens in her congregation had experienced or witnessed “some level” of antisemitisim. “So for them,” she said, “I think it’s meteorological, it’s atmospheric, it’s just out there.”

In addition to atmospheric antisemitism, Rabbi Fersko also pointed to the persecution Jews face in the United States due to our society’s growing “reliance” on identity in the workplace. It is a matter of indifference to Jehovah, apparently, that society’s scuttling of our previous goal of a “color-blind society” as “racist” and its replacement with an emphasis on ethnic identity is almost entirely the handiwork of Jewish activism in the cause of “social justice.” But Jewish authorship doesn’t mean it’s not still persecution “when Jews are asked to sort themselves in a category that they’re not fully comfortable with,” said Rabbi Fersko. When Jews check the box for “white,” you see, it’s antisemitic persecution.

Antisemitism is everywhere, even in the way “well-meaning people expect Jews to look or behave,” Rabbi Fersko told JTA. This type of persecution, which the rabbi calls “narrowing,” and everyone else calls “stereotyping,” causes “the far right to assign Jews to a conspiracy to undermine the West.”

The antisemitic stereotyping with which the left persecutes Jews is more complex. It occurs “when they slot members of a diverse, complex community as white people who are leveraging their privilege to oppress others, especially Palestinians, and who themselves have no claim on victimhood.” When you untangle that, what she is saying is that when the left makes the same accusation against Jews that Jews have been making for decades against whites, it’s persecution because the left isn’t letting Jews leverage their victim privilege to exempt themselves from moral constraints.

Another example of surging antisemitic persecution, according to Rabbi Fersko, is when Jews are “denied the chance to organize and gather as Jews…” Yes, she really complained that Jews, the most organized people on earth, are antisemitically prevented from organizing. There are Jewish organizations of Jewish organizations, for crying out loud, like the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations and the World Jewish Congress. There is even a Jewish organization of Jewish organizations of Jewish organizations, the Jewish Federations of North America, which is “comprised of 350 Jewish federations.” Nevertheless, despite all this advanced organizing, Rabbi Fersko claims Jews are literally suffering persecution at the hands of the gentiles denying them the chance to organize.

Gentiles, of course, can also be denied the chance to organize. Indeed, as far I as know, there is no organization for whites as whites in the country at all, let alone an organization of organizations of whites. In recent history, the nearest whites got to organizing as whites was the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, which ended in violence when the peaceful and legal rally was violently attacked by the violent Jewish-funded Antifa, a group of violent thugs for which synagogues hold fundraisers. But Rabbi Fersko doesn’t see the violent Antifa attack in Charlotte as an example of white gentiles being denied a chance to organize. Instead, she characterized the rally participants as part of a neo-Nazi consortium representing the greatest threat in America of physical violence against—well, she didn’t say against whom, but I don’t think she was thinking of the Palestinians.

According to the article, Rabbi Fersko has been preaching about antisemitism for the whole decade she’s been a rabbi because her entry into the rabbinate “coincided with a rise in reports of antisemitic incidents.” But, this really isn’t a very remarkable coincidence, since, as I’ve shown elsewhere, antisemitic incidents have been reported rising now for 133 years in a row. Everyone’s entry into the rabbinate coincides with a rise in reports of antisemitic incidents. So does everyone’s entry into kindergarten. I think she’s been preaching about antisemitism for the 10 years she’s been a rabbi because she’s just obsessed.

Rabbi Diana Fersko
“I think there needs to be a fair amount of education about how Jews are a people, and just demonstrating to people that actually Jews today in the U.S. are less safe than we’ve ever been here,” said Rabbi Diana Fersko. (Susan Rosenberg Jones)

“I have heard from some of my older congregants kind of, ‘You know, it’s not so bad,’” said Rabbi Fersko, but she dismisses the geezers. “I hope that’s true, but this could get quickly worse. And I think we really need to be quite active to make sure it doesn’t.”

You know, Rabbi Fersko, you should listen to the geezers, because you are clearly out of your mind. Every example of antisemitism you cited is a demented hallucination. You shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near teenagers. You are a threat to their mental health by encouraging them to feel persecution in the atmosphere.

In Rabbi Ferko’s world, antisemitism is any obstacle to Jewish supremacy. It doesn’t matter how slight the impediment, how rare, how unintentional, who caused it, or whether it even exists. If she can spot it, it’s evidence of the antisemitism in the gentile atmosphere.

Rabbi Fersko reserves to herself the right to decide what is allowed in public discourse. The JTA interviewer asked the rabbi:

What Jewish groups might call antisemitic, left-wing and pro-Palestinian groups might defend as harsh but justified criticism of Israel’s human rights record. How do you tell the difference?

She responded that she gets to decide upfront whether such a debate can be allowed based on what she determines the outcome will be.

There’s no perfect answer, but what I tell people is to focus on the outcome of the conversation. If there’s a real outcome that would affect either Israelis or Palestinians, then I tend to be interested in it. Maybe this is a real conversation, if we want to learn from each other. If the outcome is only to create antisemitism on a college campus, then I do not think that conversation is worth having.

In other words, if Rabbi Fersko determines your criticism of Jewish behavior has no “real outcome,” it doesn’t matter how true or justified the criticism is, nor how fervently or sincerely you make it, she knows your purpose in making the criticism is to “create antisemitism.” Rabbi Fersko betrays the soul of a tyrant. Unfortunately she seems to be the rule rather than the exception.

When I was looking at the organizations of organizations above, I took some time to explore some of their websites. What I found was worrisome. It’s not surprising when grifters like the ADL and the SPLC work the antisemitism con, but I was actually surprised at the ubiquity and prominence of this whole “fight against antisemitism” thing among the different Jewish organizations—even ones that seemed mainstream and respectable. Unfortunately, the Bolshevist undercurrent one detects in Rabbi Fersko’s lunatic indignation is no less discernible among these organizations.

In 1909, a Jewish writer in Russia named Jabotnitsky wrote an article complaining about the persecution of the Jews in Russia, which, in this case, consisted in the brutal absence of any mention of Jews and their sufferings in the Russian press. Like Rabbi Fersko, Jabotnitsky could just feel the antisemitism in the gentile air:

There is a feeling that the word ‘Jew’ itself has become an indecent term… There is here an echo of a general state of mind that makes its way among the middle strata of the progressive Russian intelligentsia… We can not yet provide tangible proofs of it, we can only have a presentiment about this state of mind.

The situation Russians found themselves in the years before the Bolsheviks unleashed their genocidal horror on the Christian population and our current situation are frighteningly similar. But there is one great advantage we have over the Russians of the early 20th century, and you are looking at it. The Internet—specifically, the much greater and faster access we have to relevant and important information, and the ability it gives us to organize more quickly. Indeed, a major, if not the major, thrust of the NCCA is to neutralize this advantage or, as they put it, “to counter the normalization of antisemitism online.”

The public’s acquiescence in the war on antisemitism, which is in truth a war on gentile society and its atmosphere, is maintained through deception and censorship. At some point, when the Khazar grip is tight enough, it won’t matter what the public’s perception is; we will be in the position of the Russians in 1923—helpless and prostrate. We are not at that point yet, but it is not far off, in my estimation. It is my hope that once the exposure of antisemitism as a dangerous and absurd lie reaches a tipping point, the oppressive and illegitimate regime built on it will collapse with the swiftness that attended the collapse of the last regime constructed on lies by Khazar Jews. The truth is powerful and, once it catches, it can take on a life of its own.


Ch. 1 “The Jew in Character and Business”


Gentiles have, inexplicably, accepted “antisemitism” as something real, an error possibly as consequential as the error made at a council of theologians some 400 years after Christ that attached the Jewish scriptures to the New Testament and gave the two “equal divine authority.” Thanks to that blunder, Christians today worship a God who is conflicted, to say the least.

  1. New Testament God: Love thy neighbor.
  2. Old Testament God: Genocide thy neighbor.

Jabotinsky, “Asemitizm” (Asemitism), in Slovo, SPb., 1909, 9 (22) March, p. 2; as quoted in 200 Years Together, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Ch. 11


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