World threatens to break free from US protection racket?


By Bo Filter

A US national security Christian cult of Neo-conservatives claims through its documents at the Project for a New American Century that it has a God-given right to impose itself on the world, to police the entire world, and provide protection for all people. Naturally, other countries shun this preposterous provocation.

But the Neo-cons won’t take no for an answer, so they force themselves down the throat of other countries with all the fervour and determination that attended the original crusades back in the 13th century. This new 21st century Christian crusade, however, is much more media savvy. It tries, for instance, to appeal to all Americans by draping itself under the American flag, using the stars and stripes as its war standard instead of the Christian cross.

Using a national security stratagem of humanitarian concern for all people like their much acclaimed responsibility to protect, Neo-cons effectively hide their ultimate missionary goal of converting the world to Christianity. Neo-cons believe that they can succeed, because they have wrested the most powerful military in the world away from the US secular Constitutional government and turned it into a Christian mercenary army.

Neo-cons do not call for sharing power. They want it all, as is common among fanatics. Zealots see that conversion must be attained at any cost, which is why we see that every country around the world is under attack.

Coup d’états are ongoing around the world, but the military is not the only means of attack. You can subdue a country using economic means. Read John Perkin’s book, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man. Ultimately, countries are brought down to economic peonage, and puppets are put in power to do the bidding for the Neo-cons. It’s a war against the world.

Brethren among the Neo-cons are warmongers. It takes a lot of money to run a world war, and warmongering just so happens to be the most profitable business of all times. The Neo-cons have declared “war without end”. Never-ending wars wholeheartily implies never-ending profits for the suppliers of eternal war. A never-ending market is the perfect atmosphere and climate for the business of warmongering. Can you imagine owning a business that will never end? Your posterity will live forever drowning in money, power and prestige. Call it the Garden of Eden of Mammon.

Remember, the devil doesn’t care who dies or how many die or under what circumstances they die. Death, misery, and the four horsemen of the apocalypse are mere collateral damage to the greater good of insatiable greed.

Drumming up business has been rather easy to do. First, find religious sects that hate each other. Then create a fight. Kill someone on each side, and blame each side for the deaths on the other side. This lights the match that ignites a war.

Weapons manufacturers are standing by ready to sell both sides all the latest weapons of mass destruction. This business has been going on for some time now. In fact, the first mention of warmongering goes back in history to its first mention around 1000 BCE.

Warmongering has become a science in the last century—a seedy science of cleverly fabricated fear and forever a criminal enterprise. “War is a Racket” declared US Marine Major Brigadier General Smedley Butler in his short book with this title back in 1933. Butler understood that a 1% dominant force of warmongers backed by private bankers who made the loans for wars with huge interest profits had already taken over much of the world. How did he know? He was their enforcer for what World War II general and subsequent US President Dwight D. Eisenhower would dub the Military Industrial Complex.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Smedley Butler, he was the general who testified before the US Congress that he had been approached by the 1% power brokers to overthrow the Presidency of Franklin Roosevelt and establish a military state to end Constitutional government. The coup attempt collapsed because of his testimony before Congress, but not a single warmonger or banker was indicted for insurrection and treason.

At the same time of Butler’s book, the 1% were busy funding the rise of Adolf Hitler who created a fascist state in Germany in their image of an ideal world drenched in war and eternal profiteering. Perhaps if a General Butler equivalent had emerged in Germany, World War II might have been averted.

Over the centuries, as the warmongering baton was passed from generation to generation, today we find its public-facing leadership entrenched in the Neo-conservative movement. One of their spokesmen, former US Vice-President Dick Cheney, fervently warns us that wars will not end in our life time.

Assuredly, from the first organized marauders, dating back to 4400 BCE, to modern day “wars of aggression,” as defined by the United Nations, progressively: the taking of cattle; then women and children; then metal ores for armaments; then nations to form the first imperial colonies that extend to today’s globalization or New World Order, aggression has been the most profitable enterprise on spaceship earth.

The science of war and the attendant never-ending need to fabricate enemies and stampede public psychological support into fighting the next war reveals how readily irrational fear can be exploited. Early 20th century mind control experts like Edward Bernays hid their work under the euphemistic title called public relations. They discovered that lies become truth if repeated often enough.

Turning lies into truth is important to warmongers. Exploiting fear to tar and feather newly deemed enemies with constant repetition is foundational to western warmongerized media. Western countries are soaked in let’s go to war propaganda, while reality has been shrunk to a one-dimensional militarized theme.

The currently unipolar world is based on a unitary perspective: evil east—angelic west. Americans love to hear that they are the indispensable chosen people granted by god to rule the world. This delusion blinds them to the profits of war. The first cold war against the evil east, conjured up by the 1%, was memorialized in a Top Secret document called National Security Council Memorandum – 68. The Cold War cost Americans $21 trillion!

To end the war, Russia tried to starve the US of its enemy. President Mikail Gorbachev did this by dismantling the USSR. Undeterred, the Neo-cons took a new tack.

US State Department propagandists connived to get elected a western puppet leader, Boris Yeltsin. Russia was now open for the taking. Western banksters and corporations rushed in for the spoils: privatizing resources, economic infrastructure, and successful enterprises, jacking up their value with stock market schemes and selling them off at ransom prices. Looting went on for the full eight years of the Yeltsin reign.

All across the nation, Russians were thrown into abject poverty, which the western media cynically blamed on Communism. Russians had seen enough of western capitalism. Vladimir Putin was elected president in 2000 and has now managed to stop much of the bloodletting.

Western hegemons are furious. In retribution, the 1% has conjured another war against Russia. Some analysts call it Cold War II. All across western media we’re told about evil Putin this, evil Putin that. In a blind rage, Putin is blamed for all sorts of war crimes, when, in fact, he represents one of the few foreign governments legally operating in Syria.

Putin’s success against ISIS has the Pentagon tied in knots, even though they claim to be fighting ISIS. Putin embarrassed Washington by showing them how to do it. Of course, the Pentagon knows how to do it. They had no intention of harming ISIS, which has been tearing apart Syria in line with Washington’s long-range strategic goal of a one-world dictatorial order, their New World Order, a planet unable to escape the protection racket of permanent warmongering.

Although many people around the world have been blinded by the propaganda that has hidden this racket, others see it for what it is and are fed up. Now we see coalitions of the willing springing up to confront the US war racket. Russia, Iran, Iraq, and Lebanon have come to the aid of Syria. They are winning. The world is breaking free from the US protection racket. Few people realize that the racket lavishly funds the global Christian crusade.

Convert or be destroyed. The Neo-cons are quite willing to leave Syria in the state of a bombed out moonscape like they did to Libya. Having recently attacked Allepo with tactical nuclear weapons, the US presses Russia toward a nuclear war. Unelected by the world citizenry, Neo-cons are voting for Armageddon. In their vision, a world that refuses to convert must be destroyed. Meanwhile, they project their radical extremism onto Islam.

People around the world need to contact the Whitehouse and demand a cessation to the Neo-con march to nuclear war. More long range, people must use social media to expose the war racket. Reminding people that the US Constitution has a clear restriction on war spending would do much to set our collective global future in the right direction.

The US Constitution states that no war shall be funded for more than two years. Congress is empowered in Article 1, Section 8, Clause 12: “To raise and support Armies, but no Appropriation of Money to that Use shall be for a longer Term than two Years.”1

The Neo-cons never-ending war clearly does not fit the Constitutional limit of two years. Indictments are in order. Treason is the felony in process.

Bo Filter is a veteran social scientist, geopolitical analyst, and author of The Cause of Wars and Aggression. Contact him at bofilter@gmail. com


1 The Founding Fathers were really wor- ried about the danger of standing armies, the kind of permanent professional armed forces that had, they felt, been used by the British monarchy to op- press them before the Revolution. So they carefully divided the power to control the military between the executive and legislative branches; the president is Commander-in-Chief but only Congress has the authority to pay (or not pay) for military actions. Fur- ther, Congress cannot fund military operations more than two years in the future.


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