“Shame On Harvard” and Left Authoritarian America!!

Vernal, Utah
September 10, 2023

by Rich Scheck

Former Harvard Law School Professor, Alan Dershowitz, gives a compelling defense of the
Constitution while condemning the hypocrisy of the University where he taught for 50 years as well as the Left Authoritarianism of modern America. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kS9dx0GK7io

In what amounts to a powerful indictment of the Left’s blatant McCarthyism, Dershowitz provides all willing to listen with an impressive summary of the First Amendment, the right to a fair trial and the deep flaws evidenced by the current weaponization of the legal system by those in power.

His comments smack of high authenticity based on his long history as a civil libertarian and his open admission of his ideological opposition to the man whose Constitutional rights he is willing to defend , Donald Trump.

As a former student of both Dershowitz and the man he condemns for his arbitrary embrace of politicized prosecutions, Lawrence Tribe, it was highly satisfying to hear him articulate with such clarity the disgraceful level of corruption redolent in contemporary America.

That is a reality I’ve spent decades documenting, especially as it pertains to our propensity for endless wars. https://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=32281

I would mildly disagree with him on the level to which our nation has dropped into the realm of Banana Republic status. I would assign it a number even lower than the one he gives it.

That is because things have become so bad in America that, according to Dershowitz, Harvard now ranks as the worst university in the country regarding free speech. Amazing!

We have also delegated people power to the Administrative State in a manner that dramatically undermines democratic institutions and values. That adds to the Banana Republic image he described, while amounting to the “antithesis of constitutional government!”

Another incredible development seen primarily in authoritarian regimes is the obstruction of the primary process by the Democratic National Committee regarding Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s ability to campaign against President Biden for their party’s nomination.

I believe it is incumbent that everyone invest the modest half hour required to educate oneself on the foundational notions embedded in our Constitution as they pertain to the process of insuring liberty and preventing tyranny.

With civil war and economic collapse very real possibilities lingering just over the horizon, it may be too little, too late to prevent America from sliding past the tipping point.

Listening to the words of wisdom from this esteemed legal scholar and practitioner may be one of the many steps needed to restore the degree of fairness originally forged by those who came before us.

The failure to do so almost guarantees a flight into a long period of darkness and the destruction of a positive future for our posterity.

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