For anyone who doubts that the 9/11 was an INSIDE JOB—from START TO FINISH, read the “TriTorch” comment.


Word on the street is that our honorable leader, Pedo Joe Bidet, is going to ditch the annual 9/11 memorial ceremony this year. So in honor of his absence:

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present the September 11, 2001 Anti-Miracle the Irrevocably Changed the World:

● 9/11 was the day physics didn’t show up for work. Two planes managed to fell 3 skyscrapers

● 9/11 was the first and last time “office fires” were responsible for the disintegration of a steel framed skyscraper

● 9/11 was the day the BBC could see 23 minutes into the future, when they reported the demolition of said ^ skyscraper before it fell

● 9/11 was the reason the United States invaded 7 countries in the middle east, for no reason

● 9/11 was caused because our enemies hated our freedoms, so to solve this problem our freedoms were promptly stripped from us

● 9/11 was the day the Pentagon was hit by an invisible plane in the Army Budget Office which was missing 2.3 trillion dollars

● 9/11 was the day that a passport from one of the hijackers survived the wreckage of the fireball plane crash and landed unscathed on the ground a few blocks away—one of the biggest tragedies of all is that the planes and the buildings themselves were not made out of this indestructible material

● 9/11 was the day Ahriman decided to make his first televised public appearance in a BIG way

● 9/11 was the day the towers which spelled the number 11 were destroyed to later be replaced by the world’s new idol—the syringe. 19 years after the destruction of said towers – on 3/11/2020 – the WHO declares the COVID scamdemic

● 9/11 was the day that 19 hijackers armed with box-cutters effortlessly caught the vast military and intelligence apparatus of the US off-guard because they happened to be running war game simulations of terrorists flying planes into skyscrapers at the exact same time the hijackers were actually doing it, and thus were rendered incapable of distinguishing fantasy from reality

If for some unfathomable reason you don’t believe that these lies – which as predicted by PNAC handed the world to the US Government on a silver platter – are true, or if you somehow believe that the aforementioned outcome of this totally legit series of impossible events is against your best interest—your ass is going on a watch list. The American government loves you and if you suspect otherwise you are a hazardous threat to freedom and justice everywhere.

All of the above is 100% true. References plus a lot more information here:



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