Largest Ukraine Ammo Depot Destroyed outside Kiev

READ HERE: At about 3:00 AM local time in Kiev, Ukraine this morning, about ten Russian “Geran” drones struck the largest ammunition depot in the country – causing it to obliterate itself.

Despite the ammunition vaults being almost 50 yards apart, buried, and protected by steel doors, explosion after explosion rocked the facility.

NASA satellites recorded at least ten distinct areas of ongoing fire and numerous secondary explosions.

With the loss of this vast stockpile of what little ammunition Ukraine had left, it is now believed that Kiev can no longer be defended for lack of ammunition if the city is attacked directly by armed force manpower.

The GPS location of the depot is: 49°37’24.9″N, 30°39’27.1″E


The image below is from the NASA “FIRMS” Fire Information for Resource Management System (FIRMS).   IT shows red squares for each distinct large fire the satellite sensors can identify.   Below is the image of the ammo depot, south of Kiev, hit by the Russians at 3:00 this morning.


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